Felecia's Blog Spot January

Sunday, January 4, 2015

                             From the writer Felecia

I have been behind, but so anxious to get started back on my blog.  I have met some amazing people.  I am so grateful that you have allowed me to share your stories. I pray that you all be blessed in your life journey. 
           Who is Felecia the writer of  Felecia's Blog Spot. I am country girl from a small place called Choctaw County in Alabama. When most people meet me their first question is "where are you from". I have a very country accent. I have a wonderful husband who pushes me, hard towards my dream. He has made many sacrifices and he's my number one fan. I have two beautiful kids, who are my world. They are so smart and funny. They are my inspiration, for everything I do. Did I mention, how much I love God...HE is so AWESOME!!
( Please look over any mistakes, you may find)

"Beautiful Just The Way I Am"

I met Lovely when I took her sister's maternity picture. She seemed very shy, but I knew she was diva deep down. When I asked her about doing a photo shoot with me, she quickly responded to the opportunity. We can learn a lot from this young lady. She is such a strong young lady... when you think you are having a bad day... remember someone else is or have been through something worse.
Lovely was injured back in Spring of 2012. The fire accident was started by a chimney in our backyard, where her clothes caught fire. She was heard by her mother screaming, who ran out to saw her in flames. She was rushed to Baptist Medical Center, but then air lifted to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, Al. She has had over 30 plus surgeries, her body was 40% damaged, and she also 3rd degree burns. She was not expected to survive. Doctors told her mother it was a 50/50 chance. God is more than God.

 He strategically placed all the right people at the right time. Lovely is currently being treated for secondary post surgeries at Shriners in Cincinnati Ohio. 

Lovely wants people to know "we all are different in our own way".

"I Made It"

I'm Kristen a young 26 years old wife and mother of one.I met my husband when I was around 13 years old. We became close friends.  After meeting in a small hometown church.  Young LOVE is what they called it. In 2008 we became one. We said our vows before God under oath..

            Shortly after around 2010 God blessed us with a handsome son. Who is growing up to be the smartest, fast learning,  Jesus loving little boy whom we love from here too the moon. So now we are a Blessed Christian a family of 3. Our motto is School,Work , Church, and Home.

          Things was going so good over the years. Just living life married and happy. Until a life changing experience. On January 14th, 2013 I get a phone call from my little sister asking have I talked too my brother.  I was like no why. She said he hasn't been by the house.  He was a street kid that went a stray like a normal teen. He was into the rapping thing, and even had a local  album out and all. He had met with a rapping label as well. We stayed in touch even though we were three hours away from each other. He was in Mobile I was in Montgomery...  So on the day of January 17th 2013 I get a call my brother is dead. Local News had its on breaking news. He has been shot in the head and nothing been found but a wallet and 1 shoe. Everyone was lost for words. It struck the entire city. His body wasn't found till one week later.  God knows he in a better place. I was numb.  I just can't seem too understand why he had too leave so soon and young.  A young boy with big dreams.  Till this day I wish I could pick up the phone and call him too say little brother keep up the good work,but I can't. In 2004 I lost my older brother to a car wreak, and now all I have  memories.. Now that I'm living a life for Christ Jesus it's much easier too understand death in a more calming way. 

On the 29th of November 2011 the devil tried a trick. I was cooking in my kitchen. Thanksgiving dinner for friends. I was trying to wash some pasta and get things prepared.  As I turned from the stove too the sink to was some pasta I slipped and dropped the pot with the boiling water. My little man(1 year old) heard the loud noise and decided too crawl in full force too the kitchen.  As he is crawling in the water his sweat suit he was wearing at the time was soaking up the boiling water. After about 60 second my husband came out of our room to pick him up out the floor too discover the left arm, leg and feet of our son was burned pretty bad. Our first thing was too the ER we go. When we arrived and was told horrible news like he wasn't going to walk no time soon, but he walked days later. He had to go to a wound center for special care. 

 We only did like 8 weeks at a little outpatient clinic. Glory be too God my baby was fully healed less than a year. Too God I give all the Glory!!

This is my story.  It took so much too express this. I continue to grow and pray for peace. .


My name is Ciara Henderson. I am 18yrs old and a senior at  Prattville Christian Academy and I have a job. I enjoy doing spoken word (poetry) &  socializing at the Park. My mom died when I was 12yrs old. When I lost my mom, it was a shocker for me.  I honestly can say that it was very hard not having a MOM around, and watching other kids spend time with their mom or talk about their mom. I did struggle with jealousy and depression because I was highly upset at God for taking my mom away from me. She was my best friend and My only mom. When she left it felt like she took the other half of my heart and since then I haven't been the same person since.  

              I don't have a relationship with my father.  I live with my uncle and aunt. I highly appreciate everything they have done for me. A lot of family members have been there with me through the thick and thin.  The saying " Blood is THICKER than WATER", sometimes is not the case. I love everyone who have made a change in my life and supported me to get me where I'm at now.


 The feeling of finishing high school makes me excited because everybody is use to people dropping out and I want to be the change and graduate.  Graduating  mean taking a huge step in life, getting ready for adulthood and college life. My principal, teachers, and mentors have all been a huge impact on my life.  They have loved and cared for me like no other.  They have prayed for my walk with Christ now and while I will be away at college. 

             If my mother was here I believe that she would be very proud of me. For me being the third oldest out of seven kids to actually be the first to make it to the 12th grade not long from graduating and going off to college with no kids. She would show her love for me and I'll take advantage of every bit of it because you never will understand the love a MOM has for a child until their dead and gone
         My plans after graduation is to leave to attend Troy University and major in Law & sociology.

Would you wait to find out if what you were having a boy or girl? Would the anticipation give you sleepless nights or make you anxious? I honestly think it would be fun. Well I have couple who decided to wait until the baby was born to find out the gender.

We debated about if wanted to do a few things different with this pregnancy, two main things we did differently, one to wait and find out gender and no epidural. Although we have a daughter, it was so exciting and made us so anxious about waiting to find out. We pick names for both boy and girl. We knew from the beginning that if it was a boy then we would name him Caleb. As for a girl, we talked and thought about and fell in love with the name Natalie. During my pregnancy I had so many people, random and people we knew, to predict what we were having according to the size and shape of my belly. Some say if your stomach round, low and wide then it's a girl, or if it's pointy and high then it's a boy. We didn't mind either way if it was a boy or girl, of course having a boy would make it good to have a boy and girl. When it to baby shower and gifts, people how would we do that. My response was always diapers, wipes money, and gift cards can't go wrong with those either way. My due date was Dec 5, 2014, I was afraid I would be a week late like I was with my daughter, however I was a week early. My goal was to go natural so the plan was to stay home as long as possible. Therefore I would be forced not to get the epidural. I started showing signs around 5am Saturday 29, 2014. I started to have real contractions, but things were going kind of slow, so I decided to go for a walk and do some squats. Took a walk= more contractions and mucus plug coming out. The last time we walked it was REALLY STRONG CONTRACTIONS. We went in. Once there contraction started to come faster and harder.. I was 7 centimeters when I got there (on purpose) therefore no Epidural!!! Josh continued to help coach me through contractions (amazing)...The on call doctor was delivering twins and one came but the other one didn't come so he had to do an emergency c section. Therefore they had to call someone that was on vacation for me! Which means I had to wait and extra 30 minutes or so at 10 centimeters, that was the worse part! But as soon as I was at the point to where I was like nurse lets do this they opened the door and he was rushing trying to find which room(perfect timing). I did 4 pushes and the baby came.

 Welcome baby Caleb Ebi-iye Iyegha. He was born a little after the Iron Bowl started @6:56 pm. I was so exhausted from pushing I couldn't even be exciting about the baby being a boy!!! If I had a chance to do it all over natural and don't find out the sex, then I would!
He was born the same day as the Iron Bowl Alabama vs. Auburn game

Prematurely Born, but My Parents Best Gift

I recently met some parents that had their kids prematurely. It's amazing how strong babies can be.
Each year, nearly 500,000 babies are premature, or preemies. That's 1 of every 8 infants born in the United States. A premature birth is when a baby is born before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy. A full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks.
Important growth and development occur throughout pregnancy - especially in the final months and weeks. Because they are born too early, preemies weigh much less than full-term babies. They may have health problems because their organs did not have enough time to develop. Preemies need special medical care in a neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU. They stay there until their organ systems can work on their own.

     When my husband told me I might be pregnant, I didn’t believe him.  However, a month later when “confirmation” never came, I believed him.  When he told me I was going to have a boy, I didn’t believe him.  However, 20 weeks into my pregnancy with an ultrasound picture in hand, I believed him.  When he told me the baby was going to come early, I didn’t believe him.  However, halfway through my 24th week, I believed him.
            At a complete 24 weeks of pregnancy, I had finally decided not to cover up my pregnancy and to finally dress like a “pretty pregnant lady.”  Up until then, I wore larger clothes and dresses because I was not used to my bump.  I had even went so far as to carry a bag on one side and a binder on the other, so either side you saw me from, you would never see my bump.  Don’t ask me how I thought I was going to disguise a full-term pregnancy, let alone a baby, but I sure thought I could.  Nevertheless, on a Thursday morning of that 24th week, I noticed something was different about my body but a call into work and a full schedule made me forget to call my ob/gyn.  By the afternoon, I was instructing a friend of how to move my things so I could prepare to make a 12 hour drive back home to Illinois.  Mid way through the ordeal, I felt a gush and calmness turned into instant panic and tears.  The 10 minute drive to the hospital seemed like an eternity as I became increasingly concerned about our baby.

         I was admitted and put on magnesium to attempt to prolong my pregnancy.  However, two days of contractions, a catheter, leg massagers to prevent blood clots, all liquid diet, and flu-like symptoms was not enough to keep me pregnant.  So with a fever and no pain medications but my mom to talk me through it and Joseph to provide some comfort, I delivered our baby with just five hours of labor on July 28, 2013 at 2:50 am.  Well, I can’t take any credit.  Moments after the nurse, Rivers, checked my cervix our son decided it was time for him to enter the world without any aid or assistance.  He was a small 1 pound 13 ounce baby measuring only 14 inches.  He was born inside his amniotic sac, so we never heard any cries.  Even after he was retrieved and resuscitated, still silence.  I asked the nurses if he was okay & we received no comforting answers just that the team was doing the best that they could.  And finally they brought him to us.  This small baby with the biggest eyes I had ever seen looked at me and I became overcome with emotion and filled with so much love.  And just as quickly as they brought him to us, they took him away.  Over the next 100 days, we would see that micro-preemie transform into our precious little angel.
           Like most people, we never even knew the location of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) until our little man led us there.  Many parents will never experience not being able to touch their child until five days of life.  Or the heartbreak of not being able to help your baby when you see them cry but can’t hear it because of the tube from a ventilator that’s helping them breathe. The pain of never knowing when you’ll be able to hold your baby.  The flood of emotion anytime the hospital calls with good or bad news.  The first day after almost seven when he finally opens his eyes and looks at you.  We experienced all this and more on the roller coaster that is the NICU.  The NICU is a place where you find strength in the little things.  Nothing is given because the little ones definitely fight for and earn every accomplishment.  We had our fair share of scares which included a possible seizure, jaundice, a slight brain bleed, infections in the blood and lungs, several blood transfusions, spinal taps, laser eye surgery, and even a move across town.  Thankfully, our son had let us know early on that he was going to make it.  After a week of life, I reached in for him to hold my hand and he gave my finger three tight squeezes that assured me he was going to come home one day.  That was the moment he let me know that he was way stronger than he looked.  I saw our son everyday---sometimes three times a day. Each day I sang to him, prayed for him, and read the same scriptures for his strength and protection so he could thrive.  We saw so many other babies come and go during our time in the NICU and even made a few friends.
           While in the NICU, we weren’t afforded the typical newborn events and milestones.  Instead we celebrated NICU events and milestones.  These included moves to rooms closer to the door, first bottle feedings (which are by nurses not mothers), changes in incubators to cribs, no IV’s or PICC lines, and, of course, no more infections, eating every three hours, and the chance to finally go home.    
          On November 5, 2013, only five days before his actual due date, our son was allowed to come home.  It was bittersweet leaving the place we had called home for more than three months and to now finally be on our own without all the monitors, wires, and cords.  We were so afraid to bring that four pound 11 ounce baby home because he was so small still and there wouldn’t be a nurse or doctor nearby to ask a question or to help.  However, we have made it to the almost seven month (corrected age of 3.5 months) mark at a whopping 12 pounds 9 ounces and 23.5 inches with no health issues whatsoever and proper development.  God truly blessed us with Ezra and I’m so happy He chose us to be a witness to the miracle that is our son.  We are definitely proud parents of a preemie!

Love Has No Color
When I  see a person, I honestly don't see color, I honestly love them for who they are not the color of the skin. These families feel the same way to them their family is more than the color of the skin

Dearron and I met 2 years ago when we were 17.
It was our senior year in high school where we had two classes together. We became interested in each other and started to really notice one another when we had to compare mythology to the bible in English class. We were both very impressed on how well we both knew the word, which ended up with us having long night phone calls while watching the TV series The Bible. We eventually ended up sneaking around to see each other, and began feeling guilty. We kept our relationship a secret for about 3 months because I had never dated outside of my race before. I was afraid to tell my parents. When we realized things were getting serious, and we wanted it to go somewhere so we told our families. Dearrons family was more concerned about the acceptance of him with my family. Some of the family took it well, but my mom didn't at first.  It took over a year for her to finally see what I saw in him and what he meant to me. It was hard but you have to understand that it was not only a change for us, but it was a change for our parents as well. We know our parents love us not matter what but they're still concerned parents. No matter what the situation,  they want the best for you. Was it or will it be easy? No. 
 We've come along way in the two years we've been together. We've lost friends, we lost relationships with people but we gained so much more. What we hold onto is that the world is changing and that things won't always be this hard. We still get stared at and we still get smart comments but we go home together and the world no longer matters. We both would rather be happy falling in love with the right person regardless of color than forcing ourselves to make others happy. We both come from completely different backgrounds. I am a lover and a very affectionate outgoing person, where he is really guarded and to himself and very closed off. It took a while for us to get to a point where we knew we loved each other. Our personalities mend so well together we are both equally weird and funny. We can laugh for hours about nothing and we always get each other. But with any relationship it takes work and even more so with such a barrier. My advice to new interracial couples is that it's not the end of the world because you feel a certain way about anyone. Your family is your family and no one is ever going to fully agree with any decision you make. And the ones who care more about who your with than your happiness aren't really people you need in your life. If the person you love brings out the best in you and makes you strive to be a better person for yourself and in all your relationships than color shouldn't matter. We are all beautiful and it spices things up. And even in the beginning when things are the hardest just hold on to God through it all because if it's not okay then it's not the end and you'll be fine. We're all going to love who we love, just make it worth it. We are so happy we endured it all because it was so worth it. December 5th will be two years and those two years have taught me the absolute most about how strong we both are. And how far love can take people.

                  My name is Emily. I met Daniel going on three years ago. He is Mexican and I am Caucasian. We met on September 10, 2011 I remember the exact date, because that was the day I met my soul mate. We met dancing.  It didn't bother me that he was a different race. My family accepted Daniel with open arms because they had no choice, I loved/ love him .  If my family didn't  accept him I would still be with him. He makes me happy and my family should be happy for that reason. I'm sure our relationship has been judged by many people, but it has never been verbally expressed to me. I'm sure people think and says "there is a Mexican with a white American". They probably assume he is with to try to receive citizenship; however what they don't know is that he had started that process, long before meeting me. Our advice for anyone starting out in an interracial relationship is to just be warned there will be struggles, and you may get judged. You just can't let it effect your relationship. If your partner is from another country, be prepared for the different cultures meshing together. Most importantly do what make you happy be with who makes you happy. We are all people who deserve to love no matter what's the color of your skin

During our relationship we gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

 Our fear is that people will treat her differently because she is bi-racial. She doesn't have a dark skin so many people don't know she is half Latino, unless they know her father.. Daniel doesn't want to hide her heritage from her, and neither do I. I want her to be proud of who she is, and where she came from. I will teach her to accept everyone, and can only hope other parents do the same.


There is a Thing Such as Happily Ever After

My name is Lovela Hill, and I had my first miscarriage when I was 15 years old. I had a boyfriend that I skipped school with.  One day we went  to his mother house while she was at work and had sex.  It wasn't unusual for me to miss my period because my mom and doctors all knew this.  One day I am getting ready for school, and all of a sudden I had the most overwhelming pain at the bottom part of my stomach. My mother rushed me to the ER and they told her I was having a miscarriage. Since, I was being young and dumb, I didn't care and it didn't matter to me I was just ready to go be with my boyfriend.  A couple of years past and, I'm 18 years old, I thought I was grown and that I knew everything.  I wouldn't listen to anyone and no one could tell me anything. I was going out every weekend, and I had a boyfriend.  We were in high school I thought we were in love. We were having unprotected sex .  One night were in the bedroom doing our thing and all of a sudden I had this sharp pain at the bottom of my stomach.  He had to rush me to the ER and they told me I was a almost two months.  It was awkward being there because, it was the same ER doctor on call when I had my first miscarriage.  He had to do a  an D and C (where they clean the baby out).  I cried because I had a serious boyfriend and he really wanted the baby.  He left me a week later because he over heard the doctor tell me that it was a possibility that I would never be able to carry a baby to full term.
           When I turned 20 years old, I got a really good man.  We had been together going on two years we were living together and everything so now I feel like I'm ready for a baby. We both had good jobs, and everything was going good. Remember I mention I would miss my period, and  it wasn't no big deal. When I missed it for three months began to have  morning sickness, and  sleeping all day long.  I finally went to the doctor and I found out I was three and a half months pregnant. My boyfriend and I were very happy.  It was about  three and a half weeks later, that I woke up at two o' clock in the morning, and my bed was soaked in blood. We called 911 and the paramedic rushed me to the ER. I found out, I had, yet another miscarriage. I had to spend three days in the hospital. I  became depressed, and as I stayed there, they put me on the same floor as women that just had their babies. My boyfriend lost me six weeks later.

I am now married and have two wonderful sons.

 Well my oldest son Charles is now 14 years old and he attends a magnet school. He plays football, and his goal is to play collage football for Alabama.

  My youngest son Jimmie is a member of the Boys and Girls Club ,and he is a mama's boy. He loves to stay up under me all the time

  My husband  is a wonderful man, and he is also my best friend. My boys and him are my everything.

I love him so much that when he's gone for more than a second my heart skips a beat.  I couldn't see my life without him he is the most wonderful person you could ever . He is my everything.  I try to be a godly woman I make sure my house is in order my kids are good and my man is well taken care of.

 My name is Elizabeth Chavers and  I have had 3 babies and 2 miscarriages.

            My first miscarriage was two years after I had my first baby and it was really hard to go through  I was about six weeks along and everything seemed normal , as I was getting ready for bed one night I noticed just a little spotting which then I asked my mom and she said it could be nothing just to go to bed and see how I am in the morning , so I did . When I got up the next morning I noticed I was cramping really bad and bleeding a lot more, my husband had already left for work so my mom took me to the hospital to meet him . At this time I'm really scared when they took us back they ran test and did an ultra sound and told us we had lost the baby. It was the hardest thing to hear , I didn't feel like I ever wanted to try again every time I was alone to think I cried and thought it was my fault, like I had did something wrong but then I thought about what my doctor told me, it's hard to go through but it could be a good thing it happens now because I could have carried the baby longer and something could have been wrong causing us to have had a still born , the baby to be born and only live a short time or the baby suffer after being born. It was still hard but got easier . Now my second one was a little harder I found out I was pregnant when I was about 5 weeks I didn't get a doctor's appointment till I was about 10 weeks I go in they do a pregnancy test and my ultra sound as the lady was doing the ultra sound I noticed her face something was wrong then she told me the placenta measured right bit the baby measured 4 weeks to small and they couldn't find the heart beat which devastated me . I had to go home knowing it wasn't right and wait to see the doctor which was so hard . I went back two days later and he confirmed we lost the baby but my system would clean out it self so they took me in for a DNC & when the doctor came out to talk to my husband he told him we had actually lost the baby 5 weeks before , so when I found that out that made it so much worse on me because I thought I should have known something wasn't right and just knowing that I carried the baby got 5 weeks not knowing. It was hard but we got through it and if it wasn't for family I don't know what I would have done but now I have 3 beautiful babies !

My name is Aishia, and around November of 2011, when I was  in school at Troy University, it was a regular week for me, until I started having cramps and was bleeding pretty heavy.  I thought it was my period. My period only last for five days, I was still bleeding for a week. I called my doctor and they told me to come right in. I went they did a pregnancy test and it came back PREGNANT! I was so happy,but then the doctor came back and told me I had miscarriage. My feelings were crushed,at first I thought maybe I should have been keeping up with my period and paying more attention to my body. I was so happy to become a mother,but then I thought maybe God had other plans for me at that moment. I was sad for about a month about the miscarriage.  

Now three years later I'm expecting a girl in March. I can't wait till she get here. I think my family is more excited for me than I can be..


My name is Tiffany Aaron and I was diagnosed with a sarcoma of the right thigh muscle at the age of 16.

It all started with me discovering a large mass on my thigh and rapid weight loss. The lump was so painful so I finally told my mom about it and my family physician referred me to an orthopedic physician in Montgomery, AL. After, seeing the doctor he immediately referred me to his friend which was an orthopedic surgeon in Birmingham. Well, we went to the appointment and the physician performed an in office biopsy and sent it to the lab that same day. After hours of waiting, my mom and I was told it was malignant and some more tests and x-rays/MRI would have to be performed to see how close the tumor was to my main nerves. After a few days of waiting on the results I was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma. (Can't remember the full name at this time). The physician set me up for radiation treatment to see if the tumor would decrease in size. After weeks of radiation, the tumor decrease to the size of an orange. The doctor suggested surgery so my parents agreed that it would be the best option. The physician told us that the tumor was so close to my main nerve that it was a possibility that I would lose my leg if the nerve was damaged during surgery. Well, after an 8hr surgery I didn't lose my leg. There was muscle taken from my right calf to be placed in my right thigh and a scare all the way down my leg for the rest of my life but I was happy for that. I went for regular checkups. After a year of being cancer free, I was diagnosed with cancer of my lymph nodes in my right groin. My oncologist found the lump with his bare hand. I went through weeks of chemotherapy to hear from the doctor that the chemo was not helping and the only thing left to do was pray. Well that has been 14 years ago and I am here to tell my story. I was told that kids wouldn't be in my future and my leg would swell for the rest of my life. GOD had the last say so and my daughter is 13 and my son is 5. Yes, I have to wear a support hose daily but its okay because I am a SURVIVOR. 


My name is Ra'Trice, and when  I was 16, I found out I was  pregnant with my first child. I gave birth on September 28, 2005 to a healthy 7 lb baby girl. I was in state of shocked because I was a mother at the age of 16 and a junior in high school. I had a lot of people who did not believe in and said many negative things concerning me not finishing high school and was going become a high school dropout. I have even got word that one of my family members wished my child would die so I wouldn't "mess up" my life. I was hurt and upset by it, but I never let that discourage me. I made a promise to myself that I would graduate and become successful. I wasn't and refused to be another teenage statistic of Alabama.  On May 22, 2007 I graduated high school on time and it was the proudest day of my life. 

             On February 21, 2011 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had surgery on June 21, 2011. I was terrified out of my mind because the doctors told me I had a 50/50 chance of having a successful. After 9 1/2 hours later, I woke up in the ICU and I had ti stay longer than originally expected.  A week later I came only yo have to go back to the hospital for an additional two weeks, because I was producing to much spinal fluid, and it was leaking from the incision located at the back of my head. I recovered slowly. 
      The next year I was doing a lot better, but the another rock was thrown. My grandfather was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He had to to have surgery and have 3/4 of his stomach removed to try and keep it from spreading. He had begin to get better for awhile, but then his health begin to deteriorate.  He was a strong man, but in May, 2012 the day after Mother's Day he passed. I was broken because I didn't get to tell him goodbye.
             The very next month in June I found out I was 16 weeks pregnant with twins.. I was devastated and confused, but I knew it was blessing from God.  On  10/11/12 I  gave birth to twin girls. Things were began to look up until, June, of 2013, my grandfather 's baby sister passed from the same exact cancer as he did.  She passed peacefully in her sleep and I was relieved that she didn't have to suffer anymore. Life has it's ups and downs, and I sometime get discouraged, but continue to keep my head up.  I am a single mother to three girls , and it sometimes gets hard to maintain, I do what I have to for them. I am all they have besides each other. I would not trade either one of them for the world.  They have helped to motivate and pushed me to want to become a better person and do better in my life.   I have to set an example for them to let them know, regardless of the situation you have to get back up and dust yourself  and try again.  I will not ever stop trying to make a way for my children because I want them to grow to be independent and make a wise decisions.  I want my girls to be independent and make much better than I was, and to also make them feel proud to call me mama.

My name is Ashley I am a single mother.  That is not something I thought I would ever say. 

 But here I am.  A proud, single mom to a beautiful 16 month old little girl named Rylee Grace. And I wouldn’t change it for anything.  My little girl has not only changed my life, she has also changed me.  I went from a single woman trying to find her way to a head strong single mom.

          This journey began in December 2012 when I found out I was pregnant. I had just got out of a 2.5 year relationship and was working two jobs. How could this happen? I was told I would never experience pregnancy or childbirth due to having Crohn’s Disease and here I was, pregnant and alone.  I was terrified. I didn’t know what to tell my family or my friends.  I immediately broke down in tears.  It just so happened that my little brother, came home first that day and asked me what was wrong.  I told him the news that I was expecting. He cried with me. Then he got a huge smile on his face when he realized he was going to be an uncle.  Once I saw that he could smile about it, I continued on with telling my family and friends the news. They all greeted me with big smiles and warm hugs. I couldn’t believe it. I thought they would all be disappointed in me, because I was disappointed in myself. But as my belly grew, so did the love in my family. They became my biggest supporters and my shoulders to cry on.  All throughout the pregnancy, my child’s father wasn’t sure about what he was going to do. I invited him to all the doctor’s appointments and the ultrasounds. But he only showed up to a few of those appointments. I even let him be there in the room to experience the birth of our daughter. I thought that would be a turning point for him to step up and be her daddy. I was wrong. He was too interested in his social life and dating. Something I would not be able to do for a while due to raising our child by myself.  I don’t have any regrets about letting him experience the birth, but if I could go back, I wouldn’t let him be there. He showed no emotion during this whole process, none at all. That hurt, because I realized he didn’t care about this little life that he helped create. That moment is when I realized I was going to be both mommy and daddy.  I cried because I knew how hard it was going to be, but I also smiled because she was going to be all mine.  Her father came in and out of her life for the first six months of her life, only seeing her twice a month for about 45 minutes at a time.  He currently has not seen his daughter in over 6 months.  He hasn’t even called to check on her or wish her a happy birthday or merry Christmas. He has never bought her a present.  At her age, she has no idea what a daddy is.  The only father figures she has in her life are her Uncle Cole and her Grandfather.  As I see it, there couldn’t be a better person than those two for her to see as a father. 
Being a single mom has great rewards. You get twice the hugs, twice the kisses, twice the smiles, and twice the love. But those rewards come at a price. You become emotionally unstable. I can go from being happy and loving life to crying so hard I can’t see straight.  This occasionally occurs because my daughter won’t eat her green beans or she refuses to take a nap. Don’t get me wrong, I love my child with everything I have and will do anything for her, but her tantrums get to me sometimes. The only way I can stay emotionally stable is to cry right along with her or lay on the floor kicking and screaming like she does. I know this sounds crazy, but it works for me. Being forgetful is another perk of being a single mommy. I have never left the house with everything I have needed.  But I have learned, do not ever forget the pacifier. The worst day of my life happened when I forgot that one small item. Endless crying and screaming for hours upon hours until I finally gave in and bought a 4 pack, which we have already lost.  Learning to do everything one handed, never having any time to yourself, and lack of sleep are a few more perks of being a single mom.  But I wouldn’t change a thing. Dating with a child is hard. Not every guy out there is going to accept your child as their own and that hurts your heart. But one day I will meet the right man who will accept me and my daughter as his family. One day will she call someone daddy and he will step up and be the daddy she never had.  I am not even going to bring up the financial hardships on raising a child. I don’t receive child support, I can’t even afford to take Rylee’s father to court to get child support. So I have to survive on my check alone.  But my daughter and I are survivors and have made it this far. Between the two of us and with the help of my parents and our Heavenly Father, we will make it and be better than ever.
Being a mother makes me the happiest woman on the planet.  Being a single mother makes me the proudest. I honestly cannot imagine my life without my daughter in it.  Every smile, every hug, every slobbery kiss makes my heart melt. Knowing that I raised my daughter by myself is something to be proud of. Not many women can do that all alone.  I believe it takes a special woman to raise a child all alone, and God knew I was one of those special ones.  My mornings start out with a big, wet, slobbery kiss from my little one, that right there makes my day.  She is the kindest, sweetest, most loving little girl I have ever met. I thank God every morning and night for giving her to me.   I have hard days just like any other person out there. I get overwhelmed and can’t figure out how to get things done with a child attached to my hip, but I learned to have patience and forgiveness.  When I get upset all I have to do is look into my child’s eyes and see her smile, that instantly wipes away my tears and anger. 

What do I want for my child? I want everything for my child. I want her to grow up happy and full of life. I want her to strive to be a better woman than me.  I want her to see me happy and in love so she will know what love is. I want her to experience life with both a mommy and daddy. I want her to look back on her life and thank me for giving up my life so she will have one. I want her to be proud of me and proud to call me her mommy. I want her to have manners, be gracious, have faith, and love the Lord. Life takes unexpected twists and turns, and I want my daughter to be able to handle those twists and turns with ease and patience and gratitude. Is that too much to ask of her? I want to see her accomplish big things in her life.  At this point, all I can do is try my hardest at raising her the way I see fit and pray for guidance and strength.   As the Bible states in Philippians 4:13:” I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” That verse is my daily inspiration for being who I am: a proud single mother.

My name is Ginger and my journey as a single mom has had its ups and downs,  I will begin but saying that I would not change anything.  I am a proud mother, of the most beautiful four year old little girl in the world.

  I was 38 years old when I found out that I was pregnant, this literally was the biggest shock of my life. I had been in a car accident in 1990 and two marriages so I had no idea that I could even have a baby.  Well July 12, 2010 at 10:28 pm, McKenzie Grace Goodwin was born.  I had often wondered what my purpose in life was, well at this moment God revealed to me that it was to take care of this precious child. 

 I thank God for my mother, for the first 3 years of Mckenzies life,  without her, I wouldn't have been able to go to Virginia College and work the weekend shift.  She kept her every weekend while I worked.  I graduated but I'm still working at the same job but I am on the first shift now. March of this year her father  really stepped up and started getting her every other weekend.  The thing I want for my baby is for her to be able to do the things my mother couldn't do for me being a single mom herself. I want her to know how to behave and act in public,  and last but not least I want her to have a relationship with God.  McKenzie Grace Goodwin is my world and I would give her the world if I could.

Fighting the Fight at Whatever the Cost
When I met Kenisha she was one of those person, you would like to have as one those friends that when you are having a bad day or you have received terrible news, she will be on speed dial. She had such a sweet spirit and I could surely tell she loved her family more than anything. Please read this remarkable interview of her woman journey.

Me: Tell me about yourself and your family? 
Kenisha: I am an only child & military brat to two wonderful parents. I met my husband in 2001;  after 6 months of dating we realized we were perfect for each other and married on the  beach of Gulf Shores in 2002. We have two beautiful witty children. Madalyn 9 and  Mason 6. We are a close family who laugh and sing.

Me: When did I find out about the cancer?
Kenisha: I regularly did self checks and knew I had several lumps in my breast. Doctors always assured me that I had dense breast tissue, the lumps were noncancerous, and I was too young for breast cancer to be a possibility. One evening during a check I noticed that the lump felt different. It was not any larger, or shaped any different, it just felt different. I often say that the Holy Spirit encouraged me to check that night and continued to whisper that something was different. I called the doctor first thing the next morning. I was scheduled for an appointment later that month with the explanation of, “We’ve already looked at the lumps; there is nothing to worry about.” Something in my spirit wouldn’t rest so I to a local PriMed and insisted that they look. The doctor took x-rays and said, “It is fibrous tissue, you are too young, there is nothing to worry about. “ I still couldn’t rest with that explanation, so I asked my doctor to order images. The next day I had a mammogram and a biopsy. The doctor called me personally the next day and asked me to come in. In my heart I already knew the results. (Who needs to come in to the doctor’s office to receive good news?) When I arrived the nurse gave me a calendar; indication #1, this is not going to end well. I was then asked if I came by myself; indication #2. I sat down and received a text from my father that said, “Today is 12-12-12 at 12:12 pm. Always remember where you were and what you were doing on this day and time.” The next moment my doctor walked in and said, “I am so sorry I would have never imagined, but you have seven visible spots of invasive ductal carcinoma, you have breast cancer.”

Me: What was your reaction?
Kenishia: As silly as it sounds, I heard one of my daddy’s military motto’s in my head, “Don’t let them see fear in my eyes.”  So I smiled and told the doctor thank you. I made it to my vehicle and screamed. It literally felt like someone kicked me in the chest. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see, there was a piercing sound in my ears. I couldn’t remember anyone’s phone number or how to get home. I just screamed for about 20 minutes. I wiped my face, put some makeup on, begged God to pull me together because I had to go to my son’s parent teacher conference. I immediately knew I had a long road ahead of me, there was no need to start letting my children down at start line.

Me: What was your family’s reaction, how did you tell them?
Kenishia: I immediately called my mother-in-law and held the phone as I cried she assured me that it was going to be okay. My husband called me while I was on the phone with my mother-in-law and he knew just by the sound of my voice saying hello. It was so close to Christmas, I wanted to wait to tell my parents. On December 29, I took my parents to a Mexican restaurant, ordered the largest Margarita, and said I have Stage 2 breast cancer but I going to be okay! My mother cried, my father asked what was the plan of action.

Me:How did I explain to the children?
Kenishia: At the time, my son was 5 and daughter was 8. I explained that I had to go to the doctor every week for medication that would make me tired and cause my hair to fall out. I told them that was all okay because the medication would make me better. I never told them I had cancer. My daughter is very inquisitive, I wanted to save her from the fear that the word cancer brings. After enduring all of the possible side effects that chemotherapy brings and a double mastectomy, I finally looked at my daughter and said, “I had breast cancer.” She took me by the hand and said, “God already told me and he said you were going to be okay.”

Me: What's the hardest thing during the process?
Keneshia:The hardest thing for me was staying positive on days that no one was looking. Being positive was easy for me in public or around family. I knew of stories of women dying of breast cancer leaving behind small babies and I constantly questioned why would God save me and not them, what made us different? I still battle with that today. 

Me: What went through your mind when you realized you would lose your breast?
Keneshia:Doctors tried to explain that removing both breast was not necessary since I only had cancer in the left breast. Why would risk getting cancer in the right breast? Take them both! Easiest decision I’ve ever made!

Me:What would you like to say to your supportive husband?
Keneshia: I never saw fear in my husband’s eyes. From the day of diagnosis he told me I was going to be ok and he never treated me any different. He let me rest when I needed it, he let me lash out whenever I wanted to, he was steady and strong.  After my mastectomy and without reconstruction he looks at me as if I’m the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Me: How does it make you feel to be labeled a strong woman, but other women?
Keneshia: I don’t think I am strong. I think God lifted me each time I was about to hit bottom. 

When God is on Your Side

Me:Tell about yourself: 
Kawesi: My name is Kawesi Brown. 
I am a 38 year old mother of 3 beautiful children, I was born in Manhattan, New York and raised majority of my youth in Roselle, New Jersey. At the age of 13 years old my family relocated to Montgomery, Alabama, where I finished high school and attended Troy State University for a BA degree in Psychology.

Me:How was your life growing up?  
Kawesi: I had two wonderful parents and I was a daddy's girl. My daddy was so loving and playful and he always made me laugh and smile. I loved watching the love that he and my mom shared. I remember all the family get together and BBQ's we had while living up north. I was always surrounded by family and friends. Things changed a lot after moving down south. I had to adjust to a totally different environment and I didn't know anyone at my new school. After time things started to get better socially, but things at home with my parents weren't going very well. after a couple of years my mom and dad divorced, which left me broken and looking for that male figure (father) replacement in my life.

Me:How did you all meet?: 
Kawesi: When I was 15 years old, I met the father of my oldest daughter. It was summer time and I knew his younger brother from school and had heard that he had a brother that was well known through out the city, but had never seen him. I found out later that he was away at Job corps and returned due to misbehaving at the facility. When I saw him for the first time, I remember thinking, I can see why he is well known and so many boys are afraid of him. He was about 6'4, very muscular built and had this take charge attitude about him, but because of my father, I always saw men as being loving, caring and gentle beings to a woman, so I did not feel afraid of him at all. I begin to date him and soon found out that not all men are like my father.

Me: When was the first time he physically abused you?
Kawesi: I started noticing very jealous actions from him. He would question in detail where I was and what I was doing when I was not around him. After school started again, he would be waiting on me every afternoon, at the bus stop, when I got off the bus. He would know details about things I did at school. I found out that he had someone that I attended school with watching me and informing him on my daily activities. I felt he was super jealous, but he had not been physical yet. One Saturday afternoon, me and my friends were playing hide & seek in our neighborhood. I was hiding on the side of the building when one of my male friends found me. He grabbed me by my arm and yelled "gotcha!". We were laughing when all of a sudden I felt a sharp blow to the side of my face and I fell to the ground. When I looked up my boyfriend was standing over me, with his fist balled up yelling at me. He snatched me up and walked me home while clutching on to the back of my neck. After my parents divorce, my mom worked 2 jobs, which caused her to be way from home majority of the day. He knew this and used it to his advantage. Once we made it to my house, he slammed me up against the wall, while choking me and told me that he better not ever catch another boy touching me again, or he would kill me. I was so afraid that I didn't tell my mom.

Me: Did he take his anger out on you?
Kawesi: After a while, the only emotion that a received from him was anger. He was constantly accusing me of cheating and lying to him and if I tried to explain, he would go into a rage and slap or choke me. I started to realize that anything I did that he did not say I could do would end in some sort of physical abuse. It was like I was his property and he controlled my every move. It had gotten to the point that my male friends would no longer play with or even speak to me at school, because he had threaten them and they were all afraid of him. Soon the only emotion that I showed him was fear.

Me: Did you have to ever go to the hospital?
 Kawesi: At first, I would hide my injuries from my mom and the ones that could not be hid, I would lie about how I got them. I didn't want her to know that I had a boyfriend, let alone an abusive one. The day would come when I could not deny or cover up the abuse from my parents anymore. I came to a point where I no longer wanted to be in a relationship, but I knew he would not just let me go. I begin to get off at a different bus stop and spend the evening at a friends house until my mom got off work instead of coming home. I just wanted to avoid him, but of course this made him very angry. One weekend day, I was at home and my mom had just left for work, he came knocking on my door and when I did not answer, he kicked in the door and begin to beat me. I ran to my room and, while in the corner, begged him to please stop. He kept yelling that I could never leave him as he punched me repeatedly in my face. I finally ran to my balcony, on the second floor, and jumped off. I ran to the neighbors apartment and banged on the door until they let me in. I begged her to help me. My nose was bloody and she immediately called the police. He came banging on her door and when she advised him that she had a gun and had called the police, he left. When the police came they called the ambulance, which stated that I needed to go to the hospital so that my injuries could be treated and I could get a scan for any head trauma.

Me: Were your family members aware of what was going on? Kawesi: After the ambulance came, the police called my mom and informed her of what had happened and told her to meet me at the hospital where the ambulance was transporting me. At that time, I let my mom know about the abuse. She was shocked, upset, angry and scared all at the same time. After we left the hospital, my mom took me down to the police station to sign a warrant on him. I remember looking in the mirror the next day and not being able to recognize my own face. My eyes were swollen shut, I had knots on my forehead, my lips and cheeks were swollen and I had to get stitches in my left eyebrow area, the scar is still there today. My mom started taking precautions, such as having me come over to her job after school, which was a handicapped children center that was across the street from my school. On the weekends I would stay at my aunt's house. I thought it was all over until I begin to get sick and found out that I was pregnant. My mom spoke with his mom to discuss the pregnancy and the abuse. His mom stated she was unaware of the abuse and that she wanted to be apart of her grandchild's life. It frightened me to know I would be tied to this boy forever.

Me:What was the last straw?
Kawesi: During the first five months of my pregnancy, I was free from him and any abuse, My mom had moved into a house on a different part of town and I finally felt safe from him. One night my mom was at work and I was at home with my little sister and I received a phone call. I was thinking that it was my mom calling to check on us, being that it was so late at night, but it was him. He said, "you thought you could hide from me, but you can't". I immediately hung up and could not believe he had found my #. I told my mom and got the # changed and made it private. A few weeks went by and nothing from him, now I was six months pregnant. One night my mom was at work and my sister was sleep, I was up in the living room watching TV. I heard a knock at the front door and assumed it was probably my mom checking in on us during her lunch break, like she did sometimes. when I said who is it, there was no answer. After the second who is it, he kicked the front door in. I ran toward the back room to get the phone and call the police, but he caught me before I could dial. he snatched the phone out my hand and through me down on the bed. I begged him not to hurt me. I kept rubbing my stomach and saying please don't hurt the baby, hoping that would make him have mercy on me. He then pulled out a gun and said he was going to kill me and the baby and then himself. I begged and pleaded for my life and even told him I would get back with him, hoping that would stop him. He told me that it was too late and he cocked the gun back and put it to my head. I knew that my life was over and all I could think about was my baby and how I would never get to experience life with her. He pulled the trigger and it just made a click noise, he looked at the gun trying to figure out why it didn't fire. I begin to beg more and louder for him not to do it, but he just pulled out the clip, examined it, put it back in the gun and cocked the gun back again. He put it back to my head and I just knew it was really going to be it this time. He pulled the trigger and again just a click. I couldn't believe it. He was looking confused too. All of a sudden I heard police sirens outside my house. He tucked the gun back in his pants and ran out the back door. The police did not see him. The officers came in the house and told me that the elderly neighbors that lived next door saw him kick in my door and they called the police. My mom came home, another warrant was signed and eventually he was picked up. At first he was just charged with unlawful entry of my home, which he served just 3 months in jail. On the same day he was released from jail, he came back to my house, but I was not there alone and after he was advised that the police were being called he left. Another warrant was signed and this time he was caught with the gun he had the night he tried to kill me. The gun was tested and it was determined that it did have a malfunction, which corroborated my story. he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, which he was released in 5.

Me:What advice you have for other women in abusive relationship?

Kawesi: GET HELP!, GET OUT! and GET SAFE! It is never acceptable to be hit by your mate, partner or spouse. A lot of times we make up excuses for them or blame ourselves for making them mad enough to hit us, but it is NEVER your fault. There are many reasons why men are abusive. They have built up anger from unrelated issues, they have insecurities within themselves and they feel like controlling and abusing there mate makes them more of a man and some just have been taught by their fathers that abuse is okay. I know sometimes women feel that they love their partner too much to let go and they hide the abuse from friends and family with hope that one day he will change and the abuse will stop. It is definitely harder for married women, because the relationship commitment is deeper, but no matter the case, Domestic Violence is wrong and there are many help facilities and organizations out there design to get you out of your abusive relationship. Please seek help while you still can.

"Dance Like No One is Watching"
Everyone have a passion for something. It maybe photography,writing, cooking, or whatever....but when we do those things that we love we do it with so much compassion. I recently met up with several of Montgomery dance teams along with their sponsors.

Bama Dyamonds and Pearls

Bama Dyamond and Pearls consists of two team that was recently joined together, The team name originated in the memory of my mother Bama L Perryman. 

Coach Tonyetta and Kierra

What we want the girls to take from this learning experience is determination to succeed in everything they decided to do in life. Leadership skills to always be a leader and to never follow in the crowd. We want them to have confidence with a smile on their face on and off stage. Our goals is to have the community involved in the lives of these girls as the strive to do positive things.  Our goals are to enrich the skills of girls with as little as 0% experience in dance and transform them into someone who everyone will believe have danced all of their life.

Meet some of the girls of Bama Dyamonds & Pearls

Chyea McCloud

"The reason I love to dance is because, every since I was little I love to make steps. I always watched my aunt when I was small. When I graduate I plan on receiving my own studio and dance group"

"School Girl"
Bailey Frank- Co-Captain

"I love dance because it's something I been doing since I was little. I started off as a ballet dancer. My dance has helped me improving my dancing skills. "

"Quiet Diva"
Jakayla Allen- Co Captain
Age: 15

"I originally started dancing under my cousin Kierra this summer. She helped me enriched my skills and love for dance. It keeps me active and help me find a way to do something"

"Black Beauty"
Keionna Fleeting

"I love dancing because it has motivated me. I have always wanted to be a dancer. One day I want to become choreographer and have my own dance team"

Dymonn Underwood

"I love dance because it gives me a way to express myself and show your personality.  Dance gives me life"

Jazzmine Brown

"I love to dance because I can show everybody that I can dance and express myself. In the future I would like to have my own dance team"

"Lil Bit"
Chane McCloud

"I love to dance and it motivated me to one day own my own studio when I grow up"

Jazzmine Brown

"I love to dance because I can show everybody that I can dance, and express myself.  In the future I plan on owning my own dance team"

To the parents that are interested in their daughters becoming a part of Bama Dyamonds and Pearls please contact Kierra Perryman or Tonyetta Sellers at bamadyamonddolls@gmail.com or diamondsandpearls0607@gmail.com.

"Dressing For Your Engagement Session"
I have had several couples booking engagement or couple session asking me for advice on what they should where. I have asked this couple to give some advice on what will work and make your photos come out great.

It's awesome!  It's special!  You are embarking on one of the most joyous journeys with the love of your life.  It's your engagement.  And your engagement pictures will capture this special moment.  So it is imperative that you and your fiance' or fiancee, look your best.
Hopefully fifty years down the road you and your wife or husband can reflect and look at your engagement pictures and still be pleased with your choice of attire.  We will break it down by gender.  Ladies first of course.

Rule #1- Ladies, happy wife equals happy life, so you need engagement pictures that evoke happiness.  This means you need happy colors and prints.  Pastels, brights, florals, polka dots, paisleys, stripes, and even lightly hued plaids are all good choices for engagement pictures.  Remember, NO DARK COLORS.  Save the dark colors and animal prints for club/party photos.

If you take fall or winter engagement pictures stick to colors like gold, burnt orange, red, green, white, blue, cream, beige, and grey.

Rule #3 Ladies, keep your hair flowing and your make up soft.  Any hairstyle you wear is fine as long as it moves, it's soft, and it compliments your outfit.  Your make up does not have to match.  For example, your eye shadow, lipstick, and blush does not have to match the flowers on your dress. Keep it natural and subtle.

Now we will address the guys.  The biggest misconception that most guys have is that they have to wear "church clothes."  That is not totally true.  The correct term for the attire is semi-formal.  This means no sneakers, no t-shirts, Toms, and Birkenstock.  If you are taking pictures on a beach you can wear sandals and shorts.  Remember this is a special occasion with a religious  basis so you should want to dress a little "churchy."

Rule #1 Guys, you need to wear happy colors like light blue, french blue, yellow, white, pink, beige, grey ect.  If your fiancee is wearing a print, your shirt should be plain, and vice versa.  You don't want to clash or dress flashier than her.
Rule #2 Guys, the "sag" makes me gag!  Absolutely, positively NO SAGGING!  You can wear jeans, but make sure they fit and they don't have flashy logos.  Slacks, linen slacks, khakis, and chinos are all good options as well

Rule #3 Guys, remember BBSS.  Blazers, Button-collard shirts or button up polo shirts, Suits, and Sweaters.  Absolutely no t-shirts.  I don't care if it's Versace, save it for a night out with the boys.  All guys have at least one button up collard shirt or polo style shirt.  That would be perfect for engagement pictures.  For the advanced gentleman, pair that shirt with a necktie or bow tie and you will be dapper.  And for the upper echelon gentleman, a khaki, navy blue, or grey blazer is an even better touch of style with or without a tie.  Those same colors apply for a suit.  You don't want to get too loud or flashy with your suit.   The photographer will enhance you enough.  Wear minimal print sweater if you are taking winter or fall engagement pictures.

  I hope this blog is helpful.  Remember, it's not about matching, it's about complimenting one another.  Written by Irisha Trone and Terrence Q. Thomas

Book Spotlight : Sorry Ain't Enough

        I absolutely loved the book. It was one of those books you can't put down. It had suspense, drama, and romance. When the end of the book came, I wanted more.  If you are in a book club here is one of those books, that will leave everyone ready to stay longer I was blessed with the opportunity  to interview and photograph Mrs. Yolanda, the new upcoming author. Please be sure to grab your copy. T 

Me: Tell me a little about yourself.
Yolanda: I have been married for 15 years to my husband Roderick and we have 4 sons. I work at Baptist Medical Center South and I have worked in health care for 20 years. I love reading, cooking,  listening to music, and traveling.

Me: What you made you write the book?
Yolanda: I was inspired to write a book because it was something I have always wanted to do, but thought I couldn't. One day at home this story just popped in my head and I just started writing things down and before long, I had a storyline.
Me: Tell me a little about your book Sorry Ain't Enough.
Yolanda:The book is simply a love story..... Roxy finds herself stuck in a loveless marriage after a tragic accident. She tries hard to regroup and start her career but with little support from her husband Paul. Paul is a huge music producer and is so self absorbed he doesn't see that Roxy is lonely. He signs a young twenty-something singer Bret who is immediately attracted to Roxy. Through a turn of events Roxy  and Bret finds themselves drawn and tangled up in a web of love and lust.

Me: What was the hardest part about writing the book?
Yolanda: The hardest part of writing was the wait of the finished product. I think I encountered every emotion there is.

Me:What are some of your favorite books?
Yolanda: Some of my favorite books are "The Color Purple", "The Notebook", "Waiting to Exhale", and currently  I'm reading "Girl Lost".

Me: What was your family reaction?
Yolanda: My family was totally surprised when I shared the news about the book. They were excited and very proud.

Me: Everyone that read this book, including myself wants to know, what is your next project?
Yolanda: After completing my novel I immediately started writing another story, totally different from Sorry Ain't Enough, but after everyone read it and gave me their reviews I had to write a sequel. So I am currently writing "Sorry Ain't Enough" the sequel. 

Me: For those who are interested in purchasing your book, how can they go about buying it?
Yolanda: My book can be purchased online from amazon.com, barnesandnobles.com and Xlibris.com. Xlibris has it in eBooks as well.

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