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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

There is an expression I constantly use “people change like the weather”, it is indeed a true statement. As someone who have experienced the different mood swings and betrayal of not just strangers, but also family, this is something I had to teach myself, that people are human. We allow ourselves to put so much dependency and trust into so many close to us that we become crushed and hurt, when the expectation that we had on a person, lets you down.  It then becomes a hard pill to swallow, and we are devastated and we allow ourselves to be put into a box of not allowing anyone else  in.  I want you to know I have been there more times than I can count.  I have learned from my own experience that you can’t allow what someone has done to you affect you in allowing your future divine connections to be cut off or missed. Every person have a season in your life.  As I grew older, I didn’t really understand what that meant “a season”. I wanted to know did that mean like fall, summer, fall, or spring. I learned that it mean everything and everyone have a purpose in your life. When that purpose has been fulfilled that season or time you have spent with that person will come to end.

I hope everyone enjoy this blog… as much as I have enjoyed doing it. I have met so many great people.
Maternity Sessions

When I began doing maternity photos, I told myself I didn't want to capture the typical  pictures.   Many maternity sessions are done outdoors, but women choose indoors, because it's more privacy.  Indoors is the better choice if you are deciding to do them nude or semi-nude.

     When photographing my moms to be it's imperative that they are comfortable with me.    


   I am a photographer who choose not to incorporate many props in my photo sessions, but only at the clients request. I feel props takes away the attention towards the mother and her belly.


                   Pregnancy is one the most beautiful human experience you can capture on a photograph. My goals is to capture the mother's and father's mood to tell a story. I like to choose poses that makes the mother, the father and the kids look natural.


Sometimes it is difficult to persuade the father to participate in the maternity session. But after they finally give in I am able to capture the true art of a couples unwavering love and admiration for each other and their unborn child.  


    Outdoor maternity sessions are very popular. The natural sunlight mixed with the mother's glow makes for an amazing photo sessions.



Doctors Said I May Never Have a Child, but God “My Doctor said Different"


When I met Briana, she seemed very quiet and shy. I thought her and her daughter both were beautiful. I already knew her story before she came, but when I saw here the saying “you don’t look like what you been through” has never been so true to me. Please read Briana story on how she defeated the odds.


     I went to the doctor, almost three months, but still getting no answers. I would only receive ibuprofen on my visit, (the only aspirin a "Cancer patient" is not supposed to take).

  On May 18, 2009, I was attending to Jr. High ,I remember, I could barely walk to school, which was right across street from my house at the time. I collapsed on a chair, when I walked into the school. The school nurse realize how pale and tired I appeared.  She took me in her office and called my family to come take me to the doctor immediately. The nurse and my school counselor sent a letter, urging my doctor to take blood. After having tests done, I was told I had low iron and that I needed to be taken to the hospital to be given blood. When I arrived at the hospital, the doctors and nurses told my aunt they were planning to send me to a children's hospital that was located almost an hour and a half away. I remember being so scared because I kept hearing the doctor say “she is very sick”. I thought I only needed blood. The next day, after we arrived to the children’s hospital, my doctor came in, and told my family and I, they believe that I might have Leukemia. He explained the different kinds of Leukemia to me and told me they thought that mine was the curable one. The same night, they gave me Rasburicase, an antibiotic, which they soon realized I was allergic to. I ended up in ICU, because the medication had shifted my breathing. The following day I was given a bone marrow aspiration, which is where they remove a piece of my bone marrow to check for cancer cells. I was finally moved out of ICU, I  had attempted to eat when my doctor came in to give me my results. May 20, 2009, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I went through two and a half years of Chemo therapy, lumbar punctures, hospital stays, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, and dozens of medicines even "Stroke like symptoms".

My last Chemo was August 12, 2011.

 It was in 2013 I finally visited the life after Cancer Doctors, it was that day I was told I couldn't have children. They told me my body had endured so much chemo, and  I wouldn't be able to conceive naturally.  My doctor told me if I ever conceived, I wouldn't make it if I was because I would relapse because the baby would cause stress on my body. I would also have to endure chemo, which would end up killing the baby. The day my OB/GYN told the same thing,  I cried that whole day. I felt defeated that after I beat cancer.

It was four weeks later I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. I was so happy and scared I never imagined being pregnant so young, but I was so happy.  I carried and gave birth to a miracle. A miracle birth out one. I can honestly say being pregnant and having my child was, the best experience. We’re so blessed. I didn’t have any complications during my pregnancy.   My daughter had no problems after birth, and she never had to be monitored. She is perfectly healthy so am I.



"We Stay Strong"


I always as a child pictured myself having my family stable, before I could even think about taking care of my parents. I also pictured my parents growing old before any type of illness would cause them to leave me at an early age. I know as my faith got stronger in GOD, He prepared me for what was about to happen to me.  I wouldn’t ever in a million years imagine my mother would have to depend on me as I depend on her as a child. Now, the roles between mother and daughter has changed. I use to have to depend on her for everything, but now she depends on me for everything. As I stated before if it wasn't for GOD I wouldn't be the strong daughter and mother to my own children. I don't know where this road is leading me, but I do know there is one person I need there beside me that is GOD! He is the only one that can help me through this situation.


"Where should I start? Well, I guess I will start off by saying it is never easy to watch a loved one go through such diseases as Alzheimer’s and Dementia, especially a parent. You want to help them so bad, but it is nothing you can do other than be there to love them and that is what I and my siblings do.  The day we took her in for her first evaluation was very shocking to me.  I had no idea that her condition was as bad as it was.  She looked fine to me until the questions she answered were way off target. The signs have always been there, but by being uneducated about the way it makes an impact on your everyday life you’ll look over them as nothing is wrong.    I’ve also had to see my grandmother, my mother’s mom, suffer from Alzheimer’s.   I didn’t know, the disease was hereditary.  I often question myself am I showing early signs because I know there have been times I will totally forget what I was about to say or do. "

"Since my grandmother had it and now my mother has it, I wonder will I be the next one in my family to have it.   It is hard to look at my mom in the condition she is in. I can’t hear her voice or communicate with her just takes a toll on me. I use to call her to check up on her and go see her as much as possible.  I did not want to wait until something like this happens for me to try and be there for her.  I wanted her to know I love her before something like this happened. I remember in my younger years how she use to ask me things and I probably would say, “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” and she will always say back to me “you too young for that son.” The little conversations changed after a while, drastically. I started telling her she was too young to be forgetting things not knowing she was really showing early signs of Alzheimer’s.  I really do miss that pretty smile and hearing her voice on Sunday mornings, getting the church in praise mode. She still lights the room up when she does her little smirk.  I have been praying for a cure, since the day we found out she had Alzheimer’s.  I think they are getting very close to finding one."



Margie Lee Davis, when I hear this name I can honestly say that I am so proud and blessed to be one of her child.  This women has did more for me and showed me and my siblings so many things throughout life that we couldn't even imagine or even begin to grasp on without that MOTHER'S LOVE!! I really don't think I have the right words or emotions to even go about how my feelings have evolved around the fact of the matter yet. Throughout life we've had ups and downs. She was always there no matter what. Who would ever thought it would come to a case as such. It's painful and sometimes very unclear at times. She always told us to "Trust In God Baby" He knows what He’s doing. We're talking about having someone with a gifted voice that touched lives when she use to sing. I couldn't ask for a more family oriented family if I wanted to. I am amongst some of the best siblings God ever created together. The good definitely outweigh the bad. My parents raised us wise and very strong-minded so in times like these "We Stay Strong".




August 26,1991, was the day I was born. On this day my mom and I almost lost our lives because her placenta abrupted. I was a premature baby. As I became older our bond was a very close one because I was considered her miracle baby. My mom was my best friend, diary and much more. Whenever I was sad, down, or scared during bad weather she would sing to me. My mom was one of the best vocalist in the area. In 2009, after I graduated from high school I noticed a change in my mom. She kept repeating herself more frequently, and she would get very angry. She would start yelling, crying, and her hygiene was becoming something she didn't care too much about any more. I was very confused by these actions because it happened all of a sudden. I didn't say anything to any of my siblings because I didn't think she would be suffering from Alzheimer's.  I just thought it was a just a growing phase. I had been with my mom since I was a kid to 18, and we were like two peas in a pod. I was still sleeping in the bed with her (lol).I enjoyed her company. Wherever she went I went. My biggest regret of this situation is when I met an ex -boyfriend and moved away with him. I rarely visited my mom then. When I came back around it was too late. She was fading away so fast. On June 9,2011, my siblings and I found out our mom suffered from Alzheimer's/Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia. We were devastated, but we have stuck together for mom. I chose to fight my way through. I tried to hold back my emotions because I knew then my life line was no longer going be able to be my crutch.  I knew it was time to grow up and stand on my own two feet.  I repeat nobody will ever understand me like my mom. My siblings and I are close, but it's nothing like a mother's love. My dad and I haven't always had the best relationship, but as I've grown older, I've realized why and now I understand. I would give anything in this world to have my mom back in good health again. It hurts, me every day, but I know God makes no mistakes so I will just continue to pray.


                                                The Diary of….
                                                A Wife Being Cheated On

I been married to my husband for five years. My husband and I met in a night club. We have three kids together and one on the way. When I married my husband, we threw the wedding together, I have just always wanted a wedding, even though I knew we couldn’t afford it. My husband had a job at a retail store, where he spent most of his time at.  He worked different shifts mostly nights, and I was at home all day and night taking care of the kids. The sex at the beginning of the marriage was all the time, but the last couple of years my sex drive have went down. I have gained weight and I have been pregnant throughout my whole marriage. I realized he begin to behave differently almost a year ago. He begin to put a lock on his phone. In the middle of the night I would hear or feel him jumping up when a text came through. I never really put thought towards it.

                One evening after putting the kids down for a nap, I decided to get on the computer. I realize he had left his email up by mistake. I was almost about to exit it out, until I saw name of someone I didn’t recongnize, so I clicked on.  As soon as I clicked on it I saw naked pictures of a woman I recognized from his job.  My heart felt like someone had ripped it out my chest. My face felt warm and my hands felt sweaty. I was so angry, but I couldn’t shed a tear.

When he came home, I set in the bed that night in the dark when he came into the bedroom.  As soon as he turned the light on, I slapped him in his face. He didn’t fight me back, just held my arms.

I confronted him about the photos, and he swore he didn’t sleep with her. They were only emailing and texting each other. I believed him, and let the stuff go, until I found an unwrapped condom in the car. I confronted him, and he swore he only slept with her once.

I had only a month before my new baby was due.  I didn’t leave , because I still loved him, and I was afraid to raise my kids alone. I knew he was still in contact with this lady, because I viewed the phone records. We have become completely stop being sexually active. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.  He tells me he loves me and I don’t believe that. I thought about being petty and posting her photos on the internet, but what would that do? My husband was the blame of this situation.  I am miserable in my own home. I want a divorce, but I don’t want to lose him and raise our kids on my own.  I feel depressed and insecure. I want be making any decisions until after the baby is born.

To be continued……….



                                Capturing Birth behind the Camera

I was inspired to do birth photo sessions earlier this year. It is something I know is not a big demand, but I just took the chance and start doing it. When women give birth there are so many emotions going on. They are excited, nervous, and filled with joy. They are so caught up in the then, until they don't even think about the memories they would like to have after. Is investing in birth photography worth it? Honestly not just from a photographer view, but as a mother, one of the best investment or gifts you can give to yourself.  
 Although I have two kids of my own, I never experienced a vaginal birth with either of them.  (I was so nervous about having surgery that I really never thought about birth photography, but thanks to their father, they will have awesome photos to view when they get older of their birth. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated that moment until after I did their scrap book. I realize that I was exhausted to remember that moment or I wasn’t able to see that first moment of life that my baby had because I was on the operating table.)

 As I embarked on this new art of photography I realize that a lot of people are just not familiar with it.   Two things people would be so concerned about is allowing a stranger other than the nurses and doctors to be in the room, and will their privacy be compromised. Every photographer is different. My approach on birth sessions are to be in spots where I can capture the mom pushing, the child’s father or her mother holding her hand, the moment the baby body has been delivered, or the moment when she hear her baby’s first cry and she shed a tear. There is no one there thinking about capturing any of these moments, because everyone is either nervous or excited. 


 Many hospitals that I have visited in Montgomery, Al are very strict in not allowing any photographs or videoing down at a women’s bottom during labor. I do understand why they have set this rule ( many do not follow it), but I really think that it should be totally up to the mother. There is also another strict rule is the amount of people allowed in the room, during delivery. I totally agree. The rooms are not to big to hold a whole room full of family members, nurses, a doctor, and a photographer.

I will say all these women allowing me to share this special moment in their life with them have given me so much joy. I could be doing so many things and catching up on so much sleep, but the moment when I received a call from one of the moms to be I feel so much energy and excitement. I wouldn't change it wouldn't to be do anything else and I loved it.
Mother in law crying over grandbaby's birth

I can remember every detail of every birth that I have done. I would like to go down memory lane, of some of the shots I done this year.
Shay receiving comfort during natural birth.

Jada seeing her new born son for the first time.

The new parents admiring their new daughter.
Capturing baby coming out.
The father cutting the umbilical cord.
Kimberly embracing her son. 
My first C-section.

Brittany baby being placed on her right after birth.


 Moms to be who plan on having a birth photographer in your room, with you, even if it is me or another photographers, the best advice I can give you is be sure to limit the number of people you have in the delivery room. I understand everyone wants to share that moment with you when the baby is born, but please be aware that a photographer needs just a little space. If the whole bedside is full of nurses and family members, the photographer will not be able to capture the photos. When a photographer enters your room to do your photos, they don’t want to come in dealing with a confrontation with your family members because someone doesn’t understand it is crowded or someone has to leave due to the max number of people allowed in the room. You need to make sure you have great communication with the person doing your session. You need to see when they need to be notified and have someone who can contact the photographer in case you are not up for it. If you plan to do a few family pictures or parents’ intimate moments after your child's birth and you get all cleaned up, please make that aware to family members, that you all will be doing photos after birth and need that quality time. When family and friends runs in the room after birth it becomes busy in there and if you are on a time frame with your photographer, always keep in mind that time is money.  The most important advice of all is act natural and act like the photographer is not even there.

If you are interested in allowing Felecia’s Photography to be a part of your special delivery, you may email at f.photography09@yahoo.com, visit my website www.FeleciaPhotography.com, or you may call me at 334-590-5837. I do travel.  As we all know babies come when they are ready, but arrangements can be made.


Companies Spotlight


Beats and Treats
I met this wonderful couple one day at the park when I first started doing photos. Two years later they found me and I was asked to photograph their engagement session and wedding photos. I enjoy being around these people because they are so humble and sweet.

The couple has come together to make a business duo.

Please read below their write up about the business:


Beats and Treats is an amazing business that we thank God for every day.  It brought my husband and I together.  My friend was stressing about her 30th birthday party.  She had locked in the place, the décor, the guest, and the DJ, but no food.  I’ve always had a passion for cooking so I told her that I would cater her event.  The day of the event came and it was beautiful.  The music was great and so was the food.  The guest enjoyed themselves so much.  It was the perfect party.  The birthday girl told me that she thought the DJ and I would be a cute couple.  Although I wasn’t really trying to hear what she had to say, I was still open to the idea.  We talked a little during the party, but both of us were working.  We exchanged numbers, went on our first date, and have been together ever since.  We decided to put my passion for food and his passion for music together and thus, Beats and Treats was born. Beats and Treats is a combination of our dreams and ministry.  We use our DJ and catering business to reach and minister to others.  My passion for food and my husband’s passion for music has opened so many doors for us to be

connected with so many wonderful people.  We have been afforded the opportunity to DJ and cater so many events throughout Montgomery and throughout the US. 

If you’re looking for a professional company that provides you with great service, great music and great food, contact us at younghope503@gmail.com  or Inbox us on Facebook.  We provide services for weddings, family reunions, holiday parties, office parties, professional brunches, grand openings, probates, step shows, fashion shows, graduation parties, birthday parties, and any event that you would like to make memorable.  Contact us today.  Let Beats and Treats take your party worries off of your hands.  We provide the latest variety of clean music, lights, fog machines, meat, fruit, vegetable, sandwich, cheese, candy, and dessert trays. 

You can also schedule DJ Young Hope to perform at your church events.  Check out his videos at www.youtube.com  under “DJYoungHope”. 

Beats and Treats-“Switching the beats and providing the treats”


Little Red Cupcake


Little Red Cupcake (LRC)(named in honor of the famous Red Velvet Cake), was actually birthed through the encouragement of family members. My family is a lot like “The Walton’s”; we have lots of family get-togethers and I always had to bring the red velvet cake.  It seemed like at every function, someone would tell me that I needed to start selling them. I have always enjoyed baking but never thought of baking as a source of income.  As time when on family and friends started asking me to bake cakes and they volunteered to pay me; now I’m thinking this is kind of cool.  Around this same time frame; my brother happened to visit a cupcake shop in another state.  He came home so excited because this was something he could see me doing….(owning my own cupcake shop).

Fred (my husband of 30 years) and I talked about it, prayed about it, and stepped out on faith.  God started opening doors and more orders started coming in.  People started asking for decorated cakes as well as the cupcakes, so we decided to take a few hours of basic decorating classes and the rest is history. Now, when asked “can u make…..” my answer quickly went from I don’t know to YES WE CAN.  God has gifted my husband with many talents, fortunately, one of them is this uncanny ability to take my thoughts (sometimes reading my mind) then turning that into a product that we can be proud of but most importantly, our clients are happy with. 

It took a while to move from our kitchen into our store-front with many ups and downs along the way. We held our grand opening on 9-17-2014 and what a celebration! We never gave up hope on Little Red Cupcake because we knew God was with us. He placed wonderful people in our paths to help us get to this point and beyond. This may be our journey but we are not alone.

We are very enthusiastic about our new business but realize this is just the beginning. There is still plenty to learn and we are only limited by our imagination.  We look forward to each new challenge.

We have our own Dream Team: God leads, I bake and Fred creates! LCR is blessed and honored to serve you.

638 Hall Street

Montgomery, Al 36104



Hours of Operations: Wed. Thurs. 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Saturday 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Special Orders Tuesday – Saturday

 Email: littleredcupcake42@gmail.com, Face Book @ little red cupcake





My review on Little Red Cupcake: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are sweeter than the icing on their cakes and cupcakes. They are definitely what I call sweet home Alabama hospitality. I had the opportunity to try one of their red velvet cupcake and I must say it was like eating your grandmother’s sweet moist cake that everyone would fight over the last piece, but prettier. They are located close to downtown, not far off the interstate. I also had the chance of running into them at a wedding we both were vendors, and the cakes looked magnificent. The presentation and the attention to details were exactly what brides would love. If you are looking for a cake to not just look good, but taste good, go check out Little Red Cupcake and please tell them Felecia sent you.


Couple Spot Light

Love Covers All Things Even Color

I met Monica and her husband when I done their photos awhile back. Monica seemed like the outgoing, sassy, and creative woman and her husband didn’t talk much and we had to beg for a smile. As we took the photos for this blog, they were relaxed and were comfortable doing any pose that were required. I absolutely feel that Monica and her husband story would motivate many couples who are fighting for their relationship weather it’s about race or anything else. I am true believer that love covers all thing and that time heals all wounds.

I am 25 years and a mother of 2 little boys. I am currently going to school for cosmetology and will graduate this year! My husband is 28 and a TSGT in the air force. We met by a mutual friend when I was 15 years and started dating on August 5, 2005.
We encountered a lot of ups and downs because my family didn’t accept our relationship. We had to constantly sneak around to see each other. I probably went through 15 cell phones because every time I would buy one to talk to him, my dad would find it and take it away from me. At midnight the night I turned 18 I through all my stuff out of my window in garbage bags, and my husband who was my boyfriend at the time was waiting on me outside. I left a note telling them I left, and the reason why I did it the way I did. We waited three days, and decided to go to the courthouse to get married. I finally had got the guts to call my mom two weeks later to tell her that we would be together and there was nothing they could do about it.  My mom told we would not be together, and I responded by telling, “I'm sorry but you’re going to have to accept it because we got married. It took sometime but my family absolutely loves him! There are times when I wish we could have had our big wedding, but at the end of the day I met the man of my dreams and we did what we had to do. We have now been together for almost ten years, and I have been married for almost eight. There is discrimination on both sides whether it's the white men looking down or the Hispanic women who think he should’ve have married inside his own race.  My advice to any other couple going through the same thing is to stay strong fight for what you believe in or what you want. Don't listen to what everyone else has to say about your relationship. I would give it to God and He will take care of everything.




                                The Wynfrey Hotel

                The Wynfrey Hotel, is connected to the Galleria Mall, which provides accessibility to an excellent shopping experience. If you’re tired from a long trip you can easily relax in one of the hotel's spacious room. The Wynfrey is a great hotel that provides immaculate service to all families and businesses alike. The hotel is very appealing both inside and out.


                The hospitality in the hotel is excellent , and the location is very convenient as far as quick shopping, a variety of different restaurants choices, and other personal needs.  The rooms were very clean with high quality linens. They offer steaks and drinks downstairs at the famous Shula’s Steakhouse along with the bar.  Overall a very excellent hotel, and I will recommend a stay there. You won't be disappointed. This is a 4 star hotel that should be a 5 star!!!!!!!!!

                So if you are looking for a quick family getaway, business meeting, conference hall, or a place to stay for a romantic getaway. You can’t pick a better hotel.

Beast Mode Mom

I was the little girl outside playing with the boys, climbing trees and doing backflips. Since I could remember I always wanted to go to college on a basketball scholarship but it didn't quite work out that way. One day at basketball practice one of the coaches stopped me, and said I should run track. I had never thought I would be any good at it but I was wrong! I managed to get a full scholarship at the University of South Alabama 

where I still hold the record for high jump and I am apart of the 4x4 record. I was kind of sad that my career as an athlete had to end sooner than I wanted because of issues with my back but I still stay involved with sports by coaching. This year I helped with JV volleyball at Carver High and I also plan on helping with track and field as well. 
 Life after sports was sort of depressing for me. I continued to workout and go running to stay in shape but it was not the same as competing. At the age of 25 I became pregnant and another phase of my life began. I was asked if I would be nursing my baby and responded with "oh no I can't do that" and I was wrong yet again.
The day my daughter was born she had breathing issues and had to stay in NICU. I decided then that I would nurse her and it was the best decision ever! She nursed for 1 year and when she turned 2 I became pregnant with my son. He is now 14 months and is still nursing. Life can be hectic when you have to go to work (I braid hair), do my workout then make it to volleyball practice, and come home to a 3yr old and 1yr old who are full of energy and want my undivided attention but it is all worth it. 

Single Mom Hero Spotlight
I never pictured my life to be this way nor things to go the way they did...But that's life! Being 21, in undergraduate school, working, and being a single mom is a hectic schedule. Although my son is a pure blessing this is not the life I pictured. As a child I pictured myself happily married, nice home, and in my career but these are just goals I have not accomplished yet, God had other plans for me. My son has been just the push I need to get my life right because I want him to have what I had plus more. I try my hardest not to complain about being s single mother because I know there are others who have it worse then me. I am thankful for the continuous opportunities I have been given. My sons father is incarcerated for twenty years he has never met his son. His first words were "da da," to a guy he has never seen. It breaks my heart to watch my son grow and develop into a mere image of his father. I question my parenting skills and how I will fill in as "daddy," and I will accomplish the unthinkable raising a young man In this world today. Having a child at the age of twenty just means we met a little early. I grew up in a two parent home so I cry in frustration at times because it's not the job of my family to help raise my child, but without them I'm not sure how I would do everything so a simple thank you is not even enough to express the gratitude I have for them. I have set out my goals to accomplish and will continue to strive until I reach them. Being a single, working mom in school is not easy, but it is worth it. I focus everything I do in the best interest of my little one. My son showed me the fun does not stop when you have a child "fun" just has a new meaning. My son can be a handful at times and melt my heart at other times.

In the Life of A Firefighter Wife

             Well my name is Faith and I am a loan administrator by day & super wife/mommy by night, at least that's how I like to think of it. I have been with my sweet husband Zachary since I was 16 and I am now two months shy of 21. We have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl Lilli. Zachary is a Montgomery Firefighter and has been with the department for three in a half years now. He lives and breathes for the fire service he even did a cadet program at the local volunteer department from 14 up until he was 18. It's definitely his calling. Me on the other hand, well lets just say my husbands job scares the living day light out of me at times. I am so proud of him and I love hearing how excited he is after he gets off calls but the thought of loosing him is a nightmare. My phone is my best friend when he is on shift. There will be times that I don't hear from him all day then when I do not 2 minutes into the conversation I will hear the tones go off & he'll say "got a run, I love you". Yes being a first responders wife is hard, it gets lonely & stressful but loving him is worth it. It's not all bad, there's been times where I was watching the news and my hubby flashes across the screen at a call saving somebody, now that right there is a PROUD fire wife moment. It takes an incredible person to risk their own life in the process of trying to save someone else's. For my husband that's just an average day at work. There are some calls that I can tell truly get to him. He won't even talk about them. Then there are some that all he wants to do is talk about them. It is my job as his wife to sit back & listen either way. Some nights it's really scary to not have him here. The morning my water broke he was at the station. When I called up there at 2:30 in the morning he ended up beating me to the hospital. I admire him and any other firefighter on so many levels, they truly are heroes. The life as a firefighter wife is one of the hardest things I do, but it also the most rewarding.


Losing My Husband to Gun Violence



Tell a little about yourself and your kids. I'm a 25 year old mother of two daughters and one son. Their names Jayden age 7, Avah Williams age 1, & Addison Williams age 2 months. I served in the Army  for 3 and a half years. I currently work in the surgery department at Baptist South Medical Center. My son is in the 2nd grade at Wares Ferry Elementary and plays football for the Montgomery Bulldogs. My daughters goes to A Great Start Learning Academy. Even though I'm a young mother, I have no regrets. They're my pride and joy. They've been my strength through this tough process.

Tell about your husband. My husband was 31 years old at his time of death. We're getting ready to celebrate his 32nd birthday on December 1st. He was a supervisor at UPS for 7 yrs. He loved to laugh and see other people laugh. He was working on his degree at Troy University in Business Logistics. He loved his family. In all he had 4 daughters (2 two of them are with another woman) and one step son. He was just an all around person. He was someone who everyone loved to be around. Just seeing his smile would make your day better. He was a great father and a great husband.

What were you doing when received this devastating news? When I received the news I was getting ready for work. When I got up that morning I felt like something was wrong. He's normally at home before I wake up. But I ignored it. I figured that he was at his brother house which he normally do at times. So I continued to get dressed for work. Then the next thing I know two police officers were at my door asking to come in.

What did you feel how did you feel or did you feel numb to this unexpected/ shocking news? I felt to numb after hearing that news. I didn't know what to do. All I could do was scream. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I didn't want to believe it. Not my husband.

How long has it been? It has been a long year since he's been gone.

Some things in life you will never get over it, but how do you get through everyday? I think of my kids to get me through. They need their mother. They don't need to lose both parents. I also try to keep myself busy.

Many people will want to know when your are old enough to understand, how will you tell them about their father? To be honest I'm already dreading that day. It's not fair that someone has to tell them about their father instead of them spending time with their father and getting to know him for themselves. But I would start it off with your father truly loved you guys. He use to rub on my stomach all day everyday, waiting on you guys appearance.

When you look and see these beautiful kids, do you see their dad in them? Yes, they're every bit of their dad. One of them actually do little things like her dad. Meaning that she would hold her mouth just like him or stick one foot out from up under the cover like he use to do.

If he could he hear what you had to say at this very moment, what would you say to him? 
I would just tell him that I love him and miss him so much and wish that he was still here to help me raise his beautiful children.

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