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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hey, thank you, thank you so much for following me. I am just loving the fact how so many you anticipate on my next blog. I really want to send a special shout to those that allow me to share you stories on my blog. I pray that God bless you with a double portion for allowing your stories to help others.
       I want to share that there are still some good people. I know we have asked our self many time after encountering a rude, horrible, and disrespectful individual, "are there still any good people". I was at work one day, and after dealing with a dreadful customer, a friendly customer comes up a few minutes later. He gave me a hundred dollars, and then told me to give the guy $20.00 on his grocery bill. I was appalled because this man was a complete stranger to this soldier, but wanted to give him something for his service. As many of you read it, you may say, that's not a big deal, but to me it is. We have to realize a person don't have to do anything for you. The very same day, a customer and his wife came to my line buying groceries and a Star Wars Collectible magazine, I mentioned to them how my son is such a big fan of Star Wars, and the gentleman purchased my son one. I can honestly say that day the Lord opened up my eyes, and just filled me with so much love for people. The next time you are out in a bad mood, please don't take it out on someone you know or a stranger. You can take that anger, and turn around and do nice gesture for someone. You know even on your worst day, doing something nice for someone, will turn your attitude completely around. Try it out.


 Living with Lupus

The year my life changed forever was in 2010. At only 16 years old, I couldn't imagine dealing with something some fatal and horrific at such a young age.

Hello, my name is Katlin King and I have S.L.E. Lupus. Back in April of 2010, that was one of the worst moments in my life. Growing up as a normal teenager, I was in high school, active in clubs, sports and just an all around typical 16 year old. Sooner than later, things began to change. I found myself not being able to do the active things I would do on the regular basis like cheer, after school activities and just anything else that required a lot of physical work. I figured maybe it was just from all of the physical work I've done before being so active in everything, but who only knew that I was way in over my head than I thought. Suddenly out of nowhere everything about me begin to change. I always was swollen, sick, tired and in lots of pain. Me nor my mother could figure out what the exact problem was. After going from the E.R. and back to the E.R., no doctor could ever diagnose what was going on. Everything was happening so fast in the blink of an eye. Months after several various test and multiple doctors, I was finally diagnosed with S.L.E. Lupus. Finally finding out what was really going on was one of the most devastating things ever.

  After months and months of treatment, I began to get a little better and doctors were able to get my condition under control. I got older and graduated with honors from high school. Things were getting better but I still had my bad days. After graduating high school, I continued my education at Alabama State University majoring in Criminal Justice. In college things were steady with my health but as the older I got more bad news the doctors would give me. At the age of 19 I was told that I would never be able to have children because of my condition and how badly it had affected my body at such a young age. Hearing that news was a bummer. Being a mom and having a family one day was an ultimate goal in life for me. After getting through college and managing my health things were okay. Some good days and some bad days. My senior year of college I got the best news of my life.
In my last year of college, I became pregnant! It was so surreal. God knew what he wanted for me and I couldn't have been more happier.

  I am now a graduating senior from Alabama State University, expecting my first child and living with S.L.E. Lupus! Yes, the struggle of being pregnant and having a disease that affects everything in your body is difficult to handle and maintain. You have to do extra just to get by, but I know it'll be all worth it in the end. Some doctors said that my baby would have complications at some point but so far I have been blessed. I am 9 months pregnant and haven't had a single downfall or bad news throughout my pregnancy. God is so good!
On April 2, 2016, I will be expecting a baby boy into this world. I could not be any happier. I am a living witness that all things are possible!
-Katlin King

            My name is Jennifer, I'm excited about having my own child, after being in foster care, and then later adopted. This is my husband and I first child.  At the age of 4, my siblings were taken away from my mother an father, which resulted in them loosing parental rights to us due to alcohol and drug abuse. I was the second
oldest out of five children.

We were  taken into the Department of Human Resources. What a lot people don't know is that once you are not a newborn or infant, chances of not being separated and adopted together were slim to none.  The youngest of us were our three years old twins brother and sister, who were instantly sent to live with a couple. My oldest sister and I were sent to live with a single mother. We were all separated for about 5 years, until we finally found a couple that agreed to foster us all together. We then had to be removed from that home, due to physical abuse from the parents. We were assigned a very hardworking, social worker who was very dedicated to finding us a home, where we could be adopted together and she did not give up on us. 

  Being in foster care, you never know when you will be taken from a home or where you will be going.  We had days right where our social worker would show up at the door, pack all our belongings in a plastic trash bags, and relocate us into multiples homes several times. From the age of 4 to 9 I had been in about 10 different homes. Finally we all came back together, where a single mom, who I know as my mother, took my siblings and I into her home, and adopted us.

She was my blessing, after being in so many homes, and suffering from depression due to being separated from my mother. She took us in and loved and cared for us like her own. I don't  know where I would be without her. I just had her first grandson.

"Black Sheep of the Family"

There are some people who have been a cast way to their family or know someone who has been. This one of the subjects a lot people don't talk about. It something that not rare. When I did my recent survey, many of the ladies said they were mistreated because the skin was darker, they didn't have the same parents as their siblings, or because their grandmother didn't like their parents, and the list goes on. This affects people life in many ways.

                 Ever since I could remember I always felt odd and left out one in my family. I always felt like no one understood me or ever took the time to listen to me. Growing up my mother was a drug addict and my father was killed when I was about four years old. I was raised by the best grandmother, one could ask for. I felt like God sent me an angel because she the only person that really cared about me. My mother would still come around, but she would never acknowledged me. When ever she would say some things, they weren't very nice. On Christmas and my siblings birthdays, take them places but never me. I always wondered how could someone hate a person that they gave life too. So when I had my fist child at 17, I felt like it was the best thing that could ever happened to me. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter that I vowed to love and protect with everything in me. I finally had my own family the family I always wanted as a child. My mother gave me life, but in that same life she took life away from me. It made me bitter, angry, resentful and mad. A feeling I would never want my child to feel. When my daughter was 3 months my grandmother and I moved to Alabama so me and my child's father was 900 miles away. The distance took its toll and we separated. I was hurt because that plan to raise my child with both parents was over.
 We rekindled our relationship about three years later, but at this time I had three more kids from this other guy, who is no longer in the picture. From that day forward he has been apart of my kids life and they call him daddy and he's the only father they know. Well he proposed and we got married 07/24/2010. A year later I had my last son.  My husband doesn't show any differences in any of the kids. Now as an adult I am married with 5 kids and those feelings of being treated that way still effects my marriage as well. My husband feels like I don't stand behind him and I spoil the kids. He  don't understand because I have never discussed this with him that I really struggle with being their mother and being their friend . I never want my kids to feel the way I felt growing up. I get told all the time, I'm selfish and only care about my kids but if I don't protect

and love my kids no one else will. I don't want my kids to grow up holding in anger from their mother that could affect their entire life. I think its because I've always wanted an apology from her and until this day, I have never received one. As I sit here and tell my story I  feel like I'm letting out feelings, I had hidden  for years. I forgive her,  because of how she treated me, she made me a better mother and wife.  She made me everything that she never was.

Breastfeeding...isn't disgusting

Jameshia and Tanisha

Breastfeeding is a personal decision. Most of the society views it as not of the norm. 
The benefits of breast-feeding has increased the amount of mother's who choose to do this for their child/children.

As a mother of two, I didn't breastfeed my oldest child because I never was educated of the benefits of breastfeeding.

When I became pregnant with my son, I decided after reading several magazines, and articles online, I would try it the second go around. I remembered the day of my scheduled C-section, I was asked by the nurse, would you be breastfeeding or formula feeding. I told them breastfeeding, but when my son came back to us from the nursery, I was informed they fed him formula. They completely disregarded my request, and I was very upset.

                  My journey as a breastfeeding mother came to an end quickly because I had encountered an infection in my cesarean scar. Although I shortly breast fed I do recommend it. My short experience was painful, and it wasn't easy,  but it is one decision if I have to do it all over again I wouldn't change it.

Two cousins that are breastfeeding shares why they made the decision to chose to breastfeed.


          "I was always told to breastfeed because it was healthier for me and the baby."

"We decided to go along with breastfeeding because it is better for me and the baby. The health benefits outweigh any negative opinion. My ancestors done, so I said why shouldn't I. My husband also appreciate the money we save."

The Diary of a Wife Being Cheated on
    I am alone at he hospital to be induced while the kids are at home with my mother. I know you are wondering,where is my husband. Honestly only God know. I kicked him out a week from today. I wanted our marriage problems to stay between us, but unfortunately I have been embarrassed and made a fool of on social media.
      My husband so-called lover decided to past pictures online of her and him the hotel room. She was naked, snapping pictures, while was asleep, not even aware she was taking photos. The pathetic part is she posted the pictures and sent a shout out personally to me.
             "You think your husband is at work, but he is with"  The worse part is since I am not on social media, I wasn't aware of the status, until one of my messy cousin snap shot it on her phone and text it to me.  My face turned very hot and I was too angry to cry.
      I text him the snap shot after I calmed down. I told him don't come . I haven't mentioned this to my mother, but she respects my personal business, and doesn't ask many questions. She knows when
    I am ready to talk about, I will. I decided not to use pain medication for this birth. I felt like I have been numb through this huge blow in my life, and I wanted and needed to feel this pain.
    The time has come for me to push. The nurse asked me twice, was there someone I needed to contact since, it was getting close time for me to push. I wanted to curse her out because it irritated me, but I know she was only trying to be generous. As I pushed my son out, I could hear my phone going off with texts. I was not focused on my breathing, the pain was unbearable. After months of being numb, I finally felt everything physically and emotionally. When my baby came out and I heard his cry, I became overwhelmed.  As the doctor laid him on my chest, I cried and held him. 
   When, I was finally alone, I called my mom to tell her my baby and I both were fine. I also call to check on my other kids.  I realized after I got off the phone, with my mama the same messy cousin, sent me another screen shot from the other lady's page. It contained a collage of a pregnancy test, and she had on there, "we are having a baby"  My heart felt like it dropped to my stomach. The tears became uncontrollable. I then realized that my soon to be ex-husband had text me asking if he can come by and see his child. I didn't even respond to him.
     I must drifted off to sleep, when I opened my eyes, I saw my soon to be ex holding our child on his chest. I drifted back off.
       When I finally woke back up again, he was gone. I checked all the missed calls and texts.  There was one from and unknown number, that had sent a three page text. When I opened it, it read...
"You are pathetic, I am not worried about you, while you trying to keep him from me and his soon to be child. He has told me several time how you act like an old woman in bed. You may have him now,
but he will be back. By the way I am your husband new woman.
I slammed my phone and grasped my mouth to keep from screaming out.
To be continued....

Indoor or Outdoor Maternity Session

Maternity sessions as you all that have read my blog know
are my favorite. I enjoy both indoors or outdoors. The questions you may ask yourself is which one should I choose for me.

If you are planning to do your maternity session outdoors, you must know the pros & cons. The number one reason you should choose outdoors, if you love natural light. The next one an on-location offers your own individual style. You can also be more relaxed and the photographer can capture candid shots with you , you husband/significant other, and kids.  The con of outdoors photos is the weather can be unpredictable. The day of your session it could
be extremely hot, and if you have your make-up done, you don't want it to be ruin due to sweat. If you choose a session on a cold day you want to have that look on your face that you're freezing.  The main one you may want to take in considerations is most locations or public and you may not get any privacy. Most times when I am doing photos outside, people
will take the time out to enjoy watching.

Indoors, maternity sessions in my opinion are best for capturing the beauty of your baby bump. It's more intimate, and you as well as your photographer can focus on capturing you embracing the soon to be bundle of joy in your stomach. You will be able to relax and you will have more privacy. If you and your child's father plan to do semi-nude or completely nude maternity photos, indoors is definitely the route to choose.

There is always the option to do both. Many photographers like myself offers the opportunity to allow moms to do them indoors & outdoors. If choosing is hard, as I would say "take the cake with ice cream on the side". In others words enjoy both.

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