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Those who have been following me,  I appreciate it so much. I always like to start my blog off with some encouragement or a life lesson that I have learned. As for as long as I can remember my parents always told us to never judge someone based on how they look. My mother's favorite saying is "never judge a book by it's cover".  If you have ever met me or know me, I am a country girl that loves to wear blue jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops. I remember I was planning to do  photos for my blog later that week, so I went to a  local boutique that I found on Facebook.  I decided to check them out. When I went in, there they had several customers besides me that day, but when I went in  the workers began to follow my every move. The one close to me finally asked could she help me after giving her a face that I have had it. I accepted the gesture. I knew why she was following me, because I didn't fit the image of someone who could afford the stuff in there. The young lady asked me, what was the occasion. I told her I planning to do some photos of myself for my website. I could see her demeanor had changed, and she gave the other ladies a back off look.  What's the name of your website she asked curiously. I told who I was and she became speechless at first. She told me how she followed me and how big of a fan she was. I thanked her as we walked around. The whole remaining time I was shopping she carried my stuff and help me tried on all the clothes. As she checked me out she thanked me, and told me how nice it was to meet me. I could of acted ugly and walked out of the store and not buy anything. Let this be a lesson, just because someone doesn't fit 'YOUR IMAGE" doesn't mean they are not what they need to be. Mama said it best "Don't judge a book by it's cover"

With God's Grace and Tough Love
Written By :Tamara Pace
Edited and Named : Felecia Causey

            My name is Tamara Pace, I'm 24, and  I will be 25 this year.  I love to walk in fashion shows, because when I walked the walk way, there is such a rush.  I'm a survivor of ovarian cancer stage 3, and  I give all the  praise to God because it was a little scary for me. When  you find out you have cancer you think of death.  I would've never thought I would be told I had cancer, being so young.  One day I was at work, I realized  I was gaining weight, but I never look at it as a health problem. My coworkers would tell me to go to doctor. I would tell them I'm just getting fat.  I started working out and my stomach still didn't go down. I started to believe I was pregnant and I took a pregnancy test which turned out to be negative.  My stomach had got bigger and had gotten to the point to where it became uncomfortable and I couldn't breathe. I decided I needed to work out  even harder.   I was on my way to Panama for vacation, so I was trying to get my body right. My stomach had gotten worse,  so I decided to go the E.R. They did urine samples at first, but they still couldn't find anything.  They decided to do an ultrasound, and they kept saying they see something, but it wasn't a baby.  I'm like what is it then. They told me to wait on the doctor, because he wanted to come ,and discuss something. He told me  I had fluid in pelvic area, and in my stomach, but they don't know where it's coming from. They requested to have it removed, and run tests on it. I began to worry and cry because they gave me a list of things that could've been wrong with me.  On Monday I had to go back to doctor so that he could see where the fluid was coming from and when could he do the procedure to drain it off. He told me to come back Tuesday to get the procedure done.  When Tuesday came I was so scared. They end up draining 6 tubes of fluid off me. The following Tuesday  I came back in for my results, and he told me there was a mass on both of my ovaries and on the fatty tissue of my intestines.  He decided to send me to Birmingham to get a second opinion. When I got to Birmingham, I was introduced to a female doctor which told me I had cancer, and  did a pap smear on me. She told me right there that I had ovarian cancer, and all I could do was cry and just ask why me.  She ask was I prepared to go tell my family the news. I told her yes, and when I told them they went bonkers, just like any other family would have in that situation. They gave me two options: to have surgery for a total hysterectomy or I could start treatments.  I was lost for words. I didn't know what to do, but I knew I had to fight because I remember my niece telling me she looked up to me.  I called my best friend, who suggested I come back to church so God could  heal me. I was a little nervous because I haven't been there in so long. I knew my church would embrace me with open arms, like they always do for anyone that comes there.  I went to church that Sunday and God did a change on me and my whole life. I decided not go through with the surgery, so I started with the treatments, after I got a second opinion of my cancer at Montgomery Cancer Center.  I started my treatment, where I met the best nurse I think they had.   I was also taking herbs, it's something a lot people that have cancer don't do.  The herbs played a good role in my life. I never got sick when I took chemo, but I did lose my hair and lost a lot weight. 

God began moving fast. My cancer tumor mark went from being 80% to being 60% to being 40% to then being 20% and so on. My doctor was so amazed at how things was working. I'm saying in my head come on God work.   I think it was December or January, I finished taking treatments. I was told I was with everything, I am now I am cancer free.

         I loss my dad to stage 4 lung cancer, and that was a very hard thing to see.   I remember I repeated in my head Lord I just don't want to die.  My pastor gave me the scripture (Psalms 118:17) "I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord".  I read that everyday and stayed around positive people who pushed me instead of treating me like a baby. If I could give my mom the biggest award I would because she lost my dad to the battle, and then for her to see her child go through it. I don't remember not one time seeing her cry or ever walking away from me. She kept pushing me, and I can recall I was crying after one of my treatments and she ask me was I done. She also told me to wipe my tears, and lets keep going. I thank God for my mom's tough love. I had such a supportive group behind me who pushed me and kept me motivated. My pastor and his family were like my second family. My church family were all there praying and fasting for me.
            I would like say to any person that read this blog that's going through cancer,  don't give up.  Don't let it stop you from being who you are, give all your problems to God, and read your bible.   My favorite one Psalms 118:17. You need to keep yourself around positive people that's going to push you. First, love yourself, and make sure you have Faith that God is a healer. I want to say from one young person to another young person with cancer, I know it's hard. but just keep pushing  If you are a caregivers to someone who has cancer, always support them, even if they may be a little mean towards you. It's the chemo, so brush it off, pray for them, love them, and most of all just be there. To every body that's  reading  peace and love kisses..

Freeze time
Written By:Felecia Causey

I know as you read the title, and you wondering what is this about. As a mother of two, capturing every moment of my babies growing up, is very important to me. Growing up, my family, and I didn't have any professional photos, except maybe one that my dad wasn't a part of.

As my daughter will be starting middle school, I sometimes find myself, scanning through the hundreds of photos, in our scrap books, and ask where has time gone. I always say freeze, as much as you can with your family. I know many people don't want to spend a lot of money of photos, but it's one of the best investments you can give for your family.

One of things I believe people are not aware of is how important of having photos are.  Time doesn't stand still. When your kids have grown or someone very special to you have passed, this is a wonderful way to keep those memories alive.

The next time you are feeling camera shy or don't want to spend the extra  money, remind yourself, I am investing in my family. Some things you can't get back are priceless.

Baking Is Our Thing

I appreciate these ladies sharing their talent with me on my blog. Each lady story on how they started this journey is different, but they both had one thing in common, the love to bake. As I have been trying to cut back on  my calories, but I can honestly say I have enjoyed trying their delicious treat, as well as my family. Each lady have provided samples of their work, that I have photographed, and each lady allowed me to personally taste and review them. You will be provided with their contact information, so you place your orders. Please make sure you tell them Felecia sent you.

I started baking for friends in college and that grew to baking for family and friends, after I got married. Kookies quickly became the popular treat to request and my signature flavors were born. I also wanted to ensure that I could provide treats that were made from fresh ingredients. After starting our family, I became increasingly worried about what I gave my son. My very first specialty kake was his 2nd birthday kake, shaped like the number 2, covered in "Elmo Fur."  Kay's Konfections was started in 2009. I initially offered chocolate chip pecan and oatmeal raisin walnut kookies. Soon, Sugar and peanut butter were added and a plethora of uniquely designed flavors, inspired by various seasons and clients. I am able to keep my creative customers happy by baking fresh treats, to order. Most recently, red velvet, chocolate chip pecan kookies have become extremely popular and are an awesome treat! After a year of exclusive kookie baking, I was asked to bake kupkakes. I did, and after a while, that lead into specialty kakes. Specialty kakes are a very special part of  Kay's Konfections.

Each kake is an expression of happiness and joy-that's what I want my clients to feel when they receive their order. I have been afforded the opportunity to make replicas of buses, a hurst, flowers, cars, puppets, wine bubbles, coffee mugs, and the list goes on. One thing that is very unique about my kakes is that everything is made from scratch. The kake, icing and fondant! I am especially proud to offer great tasting items from the inside out. Please visit KaysKonfections on Facebook. The next time you're in the mood for something new, delicious, and fresh. CALL ME! Let's create something just for you!!

Review: She provided my family with several samples of her cookies. The were so delicious. It's was hard for us to decide which one, we liked best. I had a couple I hid from the rest, and went I did eat them two days later, they were still moist. Perfect for wedding favors.

Baking is my superpower, what's yours? I absolutely love to bake. I started baking at the early age of 9, with my mom and two older sisters, but by the age of 13, I was baking and selling cakes. I couldn't believe that adults were willing to pay a kid to bake. As I got older and married and became a mother baking was put on the back burner, until my daughter volunteered me to bake for her school May day Fest cakewalk, and that was the beginning
The cake she made for my brother.
of my baking career. From cupcakes to wedding cakes, long nights of baking, stacking , and transporting the final products. Making my clients and their family happy, it's totally worth the long nights.
Review  : My kids loves cupcakes. She decided to surprise me along chocolate strawberry cupcake with favorite, red velvet. The were mouth watering.. with just the right amount of pecans.


Mother and Baby No Better
Bonding Caught in Photos

Breastfeeding Awareness  is this month. Breastfeeding has been around for years, but breastfeeding photography is on the rise. There are many women that will not be comfortable in capturing the beautiful bonding moments. It's an awesome natural artistic way to capture a mother's and baby time together.

Documenting this time in a child's life is a personal decision. I know with the harsh judgements from public breastfeeding has made many women become very private in the matter.

You can take breastfeeding photo in a tasteful. The photographer can shoot them beautifully and classy. If you are interested in capturing you breastfeeding your little one.

The Diary of A Wife Being Cheated On...
Part 2 Written by :Felecia Causey (Blogger)

I am alone at the hospital to be induced, while the kids are at home with my kids. I know you wondering, where is my husband . Honestly, only God knows. I kicked him out a week  from today. I wanted our marriage problems to stay between us, but unfortunately I have been embarrassed and made a fool of on social media.

My husband so-called lover decided to post pictures online of her and him in a hotel room. She was naked, only covered by a sheet, and he was asleep. He was not even aware the photos were being taken. The pathetic part is she posted the pictures and sent a shout-out personally to me.
"You think your husband is at work, but he's with me"
The part that tore me was the status until my messy cousin snap shot it, and sent it to my phone. When I opened the text my face was hot and I was to angry to cry.

I texted him right after, I was calm and got my composure. I sent him the picture and with three words "don't come home".
I haven't told my mother what's going on, but I am sure she knows. My mother has always been respectful about my personal business. She knows when I am ready to about it, and I will.

I decided not to use pain medication for this birth. I felt like I have been numb through this huge blow in my life, and I wanted and needed this pain.
Well time has come for me to push. The nurse asked me twice, was there someone I needed to contact. I wanted to curse her out because I was irritated, but I knew she was only trying to be nice.
As I pushed my baby out, I could hear my phone going off with texts. I was not really focused on my breathing, the pain was the worst pain I felt . After months of being numb, I finally felt everything physically and emotionally. When my baby came out and I heard her cry, I became overwhelmed, and I became. As the doctor laid my baby girl on my chest, I cried and held her close, until they had to take her away to be cleaned.

When the room was finally clear, and I was alone, I called my mom to tell her I had my little girl, and I named her Abagail. I checked on my other kids, and she quickly scold me and said I know how to take care of children.  I laughed even though I was in so much pain.

After, I got off the phone I realized  I had gotten 3 texts, 2 from the same messy cousin and 1 from my husband. I decided to read to read my cousin's texts first. When I opened it all I could see were screen shots of the other woman social media page. The one that grabbed my attention, was the pregnancy test. She had a positive test with one of the hotel photos in a collage with a statement "we're having a baby". My heart literally felt like it fell to my stomach. The tears began to come uncontrollable, and I quickly opened up her his text. He text me asking "can he come see his baby" I didn't even respond.

I must drifted off to sleep, but when I opened my eyes, I saw my husband sleep with Abagail on his chest.  My heart began to ache, with his presence.

When I woke back up after I drifted off again, realized he wasn't any where to be seen. My phone was loaded with missed calls, the baby was crying, so I left it on the desk beside the bed. I fed and held her until she fell asleep/ Looking down at her sweet innocent face, made me forget about all my problems.

The baby was gone back to the nursery, I checked all my missed calls and texts. They were all from him and from one unknown number. I clicked on his text.

"I am headed back to work and I didn't want to wake you. I love you, and I am sorry."

The text didn't change how angry I was at him. I clicked on the unknown number message.
"You are pathetic, I am not worried about you, while you are make him stay away from and his soon to be child. He has told me several time how you act like an old woman in bed.
You may have  him now, but he will be back.

I was so angry I slammed the phone down, and.....

To be continued.....

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