Is It a Crime for Wanting to Be a Good Parent

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Is It a Crime For Wanting to Be a Good Parent
Written By: Felecia
Cell phone photo on the way to the movies earlier this year

My kids give me so much joy, and I am so grateful to God for blessing me to have them in my life.  I was approached by someone and they told me that, they were discussing how I have my kids structured, how I allow them to go to Books A Million twice a month to purchase many books, and how I try my hardest to make sure they get a great education. My thought was that's awkward, and was wondering why was I in the discussion of their conversation.. I continued to listen as she said the other person in the conversation said I thought my kids are "all that" and I think we are "high class". I laughed because that wasn't the first time, I heard someone say that about me and my kids.

Yes, at first I was offended, but then I begin to smile. I try to be a good mother to my kids, and I shouldn't allow anyone to make me feel bad about that. There is no crime in wanting to give my kids the world, and teaching them that in life you MUST have God and you must work hard. I also teach  them that you have choices in life, but they must know at the end of the day you have to live with them.

Parents, all of us have different methods and ways of raising our kids, and most of us try our best to provide and give them the best of what we can. You don't have to be guilty because you choose to send your kids to private school or put them in many after school activities or even home school them. Most of us know our kids and in trying to be good parents we try to work on what is best for them.

    Do it make me a bad parent because I would rather lay in my bed and watch wedding shows with my daughter or watch animal shows with my son, than go hang out at parties or clubs? What makes me weird or odd because I would rather do family things and vacation than go out of town for a girls weekend?

      Yes, my kids have to clean their room, yes that have chores, yes they have to read (which they love), and yes they have to follow rules and do great in school. Does that make me a criminal of loving my kids? I will never be perfect and I don't know everything, but with prayer, support, love, and JUST BEING THERE is something that I am guilty of. 

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  1. Miss this is what any parent who has a clue would do for their kids. The folks you've been talking to clearly don't understand how or why it is important to make sure their children thrive from the love, structure and guidance given to them.
    To prosper and move forward as teens then young adults they need what you have given them and more. Parenting is sacrifice.
    I haven't met the kind of parents who were giving you underhanded compliments BUT if I did I wouldn't let THEM occupy anymore of my time.
    This world is a beast and Ain't nobody playing 'bout their kids.


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