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Sunday, August 28, 2016

From the Writer:
Maybe just smile
I have come across many people. I have seen some that no matter where I see them they are always smiling, and then there are some I have encountered that are always walking around with a frown on their face.  I have many days, I just didn't feel like smiling, because I was having a bad day or someone made me upset. When I worked in retail I would smile so much sometimes, until my jaws would hurt. It only took one customer to come through and make me lose that friendly smile with their bad attitude. There was this sweet elderly lady name Ms. Lucy, that would come through my line all the time, no matter how long it, was just to see me. She was always smiling, and she would always say "Here is my girl with the smile that can brighten up someone day". I think after her telling me that several times, that gave me a whole outlook, on why I should smile even if
I don't feel like it. Maybe your smile or mine can give someone else a reason to smile.

I'll Be Waiting

On, September 26, 2013, my best friend, my fiancé, and my children's father was sentenced to 18 months, and it was very hard for us. From the first time I met him, we didn't spend a day apart and he was all my children knew.  My kids were use to seeing their father on a daily basis. At first I tried to be strong, I told myself time would fly because it was only 18 months.  It was hard because my children at the time,ages 1 and 3, asked for their father day in and day out. At first I lied to them,  and I told them their father was in school and had to spend the night there. Telling them that was easy and it worked for then. Things were not easy but it wasn't necessarily hard either we went to see him every other week. Fast forward and he now had 6 months to his release date,  but unfortunately he ended up taking a plea deal and was sentenced to 7 and a half years. On that day my world came crashing down on me, it just wasn't what I expected and definitely not what I wanted. I didn't know what I was going to do. What would I tell my children? And the deepest question,  was I willing or if I could handle putting my life on hold? Once he was sentenced he was moved to a medium security facility in, Mississippi, which changed our biweekly visits to monthly and that was hard.  It was  4 and a 1/2 drive, and it was very expensive.

                   The questions from my son(then 4) arose and he wanted to know why was his father behind bars and why was his daddy in jail. His father explained that when you do bad things that you sometimes have to be put on punishment and daddy had done some bad things and he was on punishment. My son understood that and now the truth was out and that made me feel better no more lies. This journey has not been easy and it's far from over, but I thank God for giving me the strength and the positive outlook on the situation. Also I'm thankful for understanding and forgiving children they know that their father is the best man and I'm so very thankful for that, and I know one day he will be home and we will pick up where we left off.

To any woman who is dealing with this or for any reason any woman who may choose to deal with this situation my advice to you is first make sure this is something that you want to do. If you choose to stand by your man, it will be a very trying and emotional journey but you must ask God for the strength to carry you, and you must trust and have faith. If you are like me and you have children be honest and allow them to see their father. Remember some days will be hard and others easy, just keep the faith.

High School Sweethearts "It Was All Worth It"

We were high school sweethearts, but it was not always  sweet. We started out as classmates. I was the little country girl from Alabama who had just moved to Chicago in June of 1982 fresh out of 8th grade. I was starting high school in a new school as well a new state I had no friends and I knew no one so I was terrified to say the least then In walk this guy that everybody seem to know everybody but me he was an athlete and also the class clown always a distracting to the class but I found myself talking about him daily. Everyday I got home my mother would always ask how was your day and everyday I would tell her about the guy in English class that was always cracking jokes and disrupting the class. One day after hearing me complain everyday about this guy my mom looked me straight in my eyes and told me that this guy would someday be my husband .  I said no way, but she was right that was freshman year of high school we dated all though high school.  In May of 1986 straight out of high school he ask me to be his wife. We were both young, but with the blessing  of both our mothers  we decided to give it a try. We heard all the negative comments about us being too young from friends as well as family. There was one negative comment that still bothers me to this day, it was from a neighbor and close family friend of Gregory's family.  On our wedding day she came in and brought two wrapped gifts she gave each of us a package, I could not understand why until we opened each gift.  She explained that she gave each of us a plate, cup, saucer, and bowl so that we both could have our own because we would not be together for no longer than a couple of months.   On our 1st,2nd and finally our 3rd anniversary I made it  a point of going to her to let her know that we were still together. God blessed us with three beautiful sons who are now all grown and now three grandsons that we loved to spoil so now as we prepare to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on September 6th I can truly say that I married my best friend. It has not always been a bed of roses we have had ups as well as downs, but we through it all we weathered each storm. We did not let negative people discourage us from being together,  we both had praying mothers, and by God's grace we have made it. My advice to young people today considering marriage  is to 1st pray about it, talk about the pros as well as the cons, and to always keep the lines of communication.  Communication in a marriage needs to be deemed from the beginning. The struggle for a happy and healthy marriage is REAL but it is all so worth it. 

Natural Beauty by Jae

Jak’Lyn Tarpley, Certified Make-Up Artist and founder of Natural Beauty by Jae was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Dealing with low self-esteem and acne prone skin, applying make-up was an outlet to cover my insecurities. As I grew older, I began to really enjoy the art of make-up and the power to create beautiful makeovers not only on myself, but on others who just wanted to feel beautiful. After working for Sephora inside JCPenny for 3 years, I enjoyed the feeling of watching women of all ages react to their makeovers. Seeing the overwhelming joy of the women’s faces on how beautiful something as simple as makeup changed their entire mood and uplifted their spirits, it was then that I decided to step out on faith and in 2013, Natural Beauty by Jae was birthed. Natural Beauty by Jae caters to women of all ages to enhance their natural beauty from within. Services range from everyday full face applications to proms, bridal and special events. When you want a natural every day look, book Natural Beauty by Jae.

A quick beauty tip for the busy working moms: Always remember after a long day, to take care and pamper yourself even if it’s just cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Remember having healthy skin is the foundation to flawless natural looking makeup. If you are a mom on the go and only have 5-minutes to apply your makeup, just add a little cream eye shadow on your lids, 1-2 coats of mascara, dust a lightweight foundation powder over your face, and apply some lip gloss on your lips for a burst of color and shine to complete any look and you’re one beautiful looking mom.


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