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Friday, September 23, 2016

My name is Justice Patrick. I’m a senior high school student, and I have tapped into my creative writing gifts to inspire others. My focus is primarily on the youth who are struggling with day-to-day issues of bullying, self-esteem, indifference, and social injustices. I have been inspired by a lot of difficulties faced by me and my family. Growing up I was always teased about having a big head, big lips, big eyes, big thighs, big legs, fat ankles, fat fingers, and thick curly hair. I overcame those struggles and learned to love myself. Every day I found myself talking to my mother about it -- hating myself more every day.

Growing up I was considered the odd one. I was always getting angry because people always threw things in my face about my family or obstacles we had faced. I remember my mom losing her job for the very first time which appeared on the front page of our local newspaper, The Monroe Journal, and I would always get teased/ bullied about it every day at school. Sometimes I would be scared to go to school because I was picked on or made fun of. It tore my heart into pieces; I would find myself crying about it every day because I was a very sensitive little girl. A couple of years later I found myself being humble: attending church regularly, praise dancing, singing, and just being more involved and closer to God. Many people considered me to be gifted and talented, so some girls in my school and the church girls would be upset because I did more or I was involved in more. I started to be honored more or develop more credentials in such a small town. I was told that my creative performances were “outstanding”! I gradually began to feel a little better about myself.

I wrote my first book, Extraordinary, in 6th grade when I was 11 years old. I remember worrying my parents and aunts about it getting published. I had to realize patience was a virtue. It was 5 years later I was blessed to have my first book published when I was a junior year in high school. I was very excited! I’m very grateful for my family, publisher, and everyone who was behind me 100%. All glory to the Almighty! I remember eagerly waiting to tell everyone and getting it out on the market. I was even more excited to promote and launch it off. I can’t say how blessed I am to have been interviewed on TV already and to have had 3 book signings and, I have also had book reading events with some of the local youth. At this point, I just want to reach out more and touch more lives.
My book is about a little 10 year old girl named Kasey Flowers. She is beginning to understand that it is okay to be different. Just like her last name, she sometimes feels like a red rose in a field of lilies; she stands out when she blooms. Kasey loves flowers, and sharing them with friends has become a signature of her kindness. She learned how to grow them with her grandmother, “Mama Bee” who first encouraged her to go to church and love God. It was then she found out that everyone is special, and love for yourself and others will help you overcome hard times. So her job has become to encourage others to smile and hold their head up to be EXTRAordinary!

I learned to love who I am and live by God’s word and do his will. Love yourself and love people. Real beauty comes from the inside. My motto is “Be True To Who You Are”. I seek God’s counsel on how to be the best person I can be to make a difference in someone else’s life! Kasey Flowers is me! Love who God created you to be!

  “Let your Inner You please the aesthetic senses of sight” ~Justice Patrick

Review: Parents and teachers this a great book to read with kids. It's a book for kids being bullied and the bully themselves.

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