"Believe In Your Vision" Behind the Music with LadyFlame

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shantice "Ladyflame11" Cheatham has been performing, writing, and composing music for 15 years strong. Known for her sick word play and her lyrics that speaks the truth, Ladyflame11 has always been a voice that speaks for our youth in the urban neighborhood.  These multi-talented lyricists started out singing in local events that was going on the metro Atlanta area and discovered that she had a voice and a mind for music. She latter auditioned for North Atlanta High School for the performing arts, and was selected to attend the magnet program, concentration chorus. Although she maintained to keep music in her life, growing up in Atlanta, she was faced with tough challenges as an adolescence. She went through the foster care system, in and out of juvi, rape, and teen pregnancy, all before her 16th birthday. Through it all she still managed to keep her passion alive.

In 2004, you could catch Ladyflame11's and her brother Hot 16's on the airwaves of v-103 (a local radio station in Atlanta), where every Tuesday night she would blaze the track a DJ.

In 2005, she boarded a greyhound bus from Atlanta, Ga, with nothing but one bag, a baby on her hip and one in her stomach, searching for a better life in Montgomery, Al. She shortly after arriving in Montgomery, her mother was diagnosed with blood cloths and had fallen ill, and in addition to preparing for her mother to pass, she lost both of her brother to the prison system which shook her world completely. Her brothers, was the main influence behind her music. They always told her to be the best MC, and to study the craft of Hip Hop. The incarceration was a devastating blow, and from that moment on she knew that she had to work harder to keep the "Hype Mic" brand alive. Now a solo female act, she had to take on this male dominated industry alone.

As a single mother of 2, she would always teach by doing. She worked two jobs while holding down her own household, attending school, and still found the time to write, promote, and live her passion. Her youngest daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2008, and the battled her sickness head on, and continue to battle it to this day. She met her husband  Cedric Thomas a few years later, and got married on February 14, 2013. "God sent him to comfort, provide, and be a help mate when I needed it the most. He is strength, my light, my soulmate, my bestfriend. I am blessed to have him in my life" (Ladyflame11, 2016).

Since then she has been featured in over 18 mixtapes, 2 albums, and 4 singles. She holds a B.A. in broadcasting journalism with a minor in Public Relations from Troy University, she has also completed internship at Blue Water Broadcasting (97.9 FM Montgomery, Al). She is the founder and owner of Hype Mic Entertainment (Hype Mic Artist Development Agency as well as Hype Mic Radio) and has started in two hit films "Plus Size Divas" and "Mama I want to Live" her company "Hype Mic Radio" was also the official media sponsor for the Alabama Music Award Show in 2015 and 2016. She has also started the Hype Mic Tour 2015/2016. Be on the look out for Ladyflame11, her personally, and her passion for the arts will definitely make its mark on the world.

"It doesn't matter where you start, what you going through, or your past. It's about where you finish. Believe in your vision. Be inspired to become an inspiration"


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