God Gave Him to Me to Change My Life

Saturday, September 17, 2016

My baby is an amazing blessing to my life.  God gave him to me to change my life. I lost my oldest sister and the devil got a hold of me through my pain. I found peace and joy in my son.  I never wanted kids, but he was what I needed. I chose natural birth for the delivery of my son. My son's father had two aunts that were pastors/evangelists and they preached to me about birth, and gave me a whole sermon from the bible about how God intended for birth to be because of the choices. They also prayed over my stomach so much that I had no complications my whole pregnancy nor during labor and delivery. I didn't feel a contraction or anything enough to want any medicine. Also my doctor was female, and explained to me what happens with the different methods for pain relief. I was afraid my son would get too much of the medicine in his system through me, and I didn't want him to be so high that I couldn't look in his eyes when I had him because he was asleep.  I had heard too many horror stories about the lifelong pain that comes from an epidural, so I went to all the natural birth classes that in Birmingham offered. I got myself right with God and I was at peace with my decision to go natural. There was nothing or any one that could change my mind. I wanted to feel it because I knew it would make my bond stronger with my son.

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