He's My Blessing

Friday, September 16, 2016

On, October 16,2012 I found out I was expecting. The ER doctors told me my pressure was too high, and ask me what all kind of medicine I was on. I started naming, all of them, and once I named one, the doctor and nurse started hooking me up to all kind of machines. They kept asking me if I felt my baby move, and I told them I didn't. The nurse was explaining that the medicines may was affecting the baby. I was scared and nervous. I didn't have the opportunity to call my mother or my aunt, so I called on God. They nurse finally came back in and told me that my baby was okay. I was relieved.
        I stayed in and out of the hospital because of my blood pressure. On, May,  I left the hospital that evening, and my water broke later that night. I was worried because he came earlier than expected. I delivered my baby May 6, 2013, at 9:54. The nurses took my baby, without me seeing, because he was having problems.  I was informed he was having problems with his blood sugar, that cause him to be stuck every 30 minutes. The doctor also told me he was born with one testicle.  I  felt so bad because I wanted to know what I did so wrong.

At PJ first appointment he kept vomiting. They sent him to a specialist, who diagnose him with a disease called EOE. He also started having problems with his blood pressure. He has been sent to a heart and kidney specialist. He was recently diagnosis him with ADHD. PJ  goes to many specialists and, it's very hard being his mother. I hate to see him go through a lot and be in a lot of pain.  HE'S MY BLESSING FROM GOD ...KING PJ

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