Part 3 The Life of a Wife Being Cheated On

Friday, September 30, 2016

I have made it home from after having my baby. The kids have came home, and the bills are piling up. I am stressed and exhausted. My mom comes over to cook and helps as much as she can, but I enjoy doing things myself. I don't want my father to be at home alone, so I turned her down when she offered to stay. My kids are on a schedule, so feeding them, putting them to sleep, and taking their bathe, has not been a problem. The new baby is a very good baby. she sleeps most of the time, after I breastfeed her, and take her bathe.

As the house is quite, and all the kids are sleep, I rush to take a shower. The one time , and place I can talk to God, cry, and release anger.

I sat at the table to add up all my bills. My husband bought $600.00 by the house before he went to work. He wasn't able to spend time with the kids because they were asleep. He has claim to be staying with his mama. After, adding the bills, and looking at the money I had, I became frustrated. I knew all the bills would not be paid at once. I decided to pay to rent and light bill. I hate to ask my parents for help, but I have to push my pride to the side. I don't want to tell her, what is going on, but I must because I know my parents are very supportive of me.

As the kids say and ate the lunch my mom prepared, and I sat and ate breakfast the baby, I told my mama, I need to talk to her.

She sat with her eyes bucked, and it felt like my throat was closing up. I felt tears roll down my face. "What are you crying for," she asked me. "Mama David has been cheating on me, and have a bay on the way," I told her sniffing.

The tears were falling one after the other. My mom past me one of the tissues out of her purse. "Dry up, we going let God take care of him," she said. "Lord, help me," she hollered. "That no good, selfish mutt, and he make me want to curse," she huffed out. My oldest stopped eating, to see what was going on. My mother ran and lead him back to the table.

"What should I do I," I asked her. "The question is what are you going do," she responded. "I don't know mom," I responded. "Dad and I will help you," she said. I washed my face as she cleaned the kitchen.

I laid the baby in the bassinet, when I come back out my mama had bags packed for all my older kids. "I'm taking the kids for a couple of days, so you can think what are you going to with your life," she said. "You have these kids and you are a smart young woman." "Add up all the bills together, so daddy and I can take care of everything," she said taking the kids bags to the car.

        Finding a job was my first thought, but I knew child care or a baby sitter would be very expensive. I have to do something where I know I can do, make clothes. I am actually real good, just gave up my dreams, after I got married and had kids.

I didn't sleep any that night, so I started on two projects, and was 3/4 complete. I decided to even start a business page on social media. My eyes began to finally, get heavy before the sun came completely out. "Lord, tell me what you want me to do, I trust you," I said as walked to the bedroom. "Give me a sign," I said yawning.

Just as I laid in the bed beside my baby, the door bell rings. I ran to see who it was , and I assumed it was my mama. It was my husband, so I hesitantly opened the door.

  When he walked in he looked nervous and exhausted. He smelled of beer and cigarettes. "Are the kids sleep," he asked.  The baby is, but the kids are at my parents' house.  "I need to talk to you," he said as he sat down on the sofa.  I was tired, irritated, and  did't care. " I want divorce," he blurted out rubbing his knees.   I was no longer sleepy, and I stood  there speechless. "I love you and the kids, but we fell apart a long time ago," he said trying to be conviencing.  "Are you going to say something," he asked nervously.

I didn't say anything I only stood like a statue with waters coming from my eyes.  "I am going to take care of the kids, and we can still be friends, " he said as he walked towards me. He hugged me as I stood there in shock, and left.

To be continued...

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