I Made It Against All Odds

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My name is Keshawna Elvie, I’m 21 years old. I was born and raised in Fortlauderdal Florida. At this point in my life I’m just trying to enjoy it, because growing up wasn’t easy for me. I often feel as if I grew up too fast. At the age of six my whole life change. My siblings and I  were removed from our mom due to some choices she made. We ended up living with my aunt which was great in a sense.   I was such an unhappy and miserable little girl. I always felt so burdened and misunderstood. Don’t get me wrong now, I wasn’t an angel child and my aunt was good woman. She made sure we were in church and I thank her for that until this day. I just felt like she didn’t understand me, she wanted me to be the person she wanted me to be, She always compared me too her daughter. She was that old school and stern auntie that everyone ducked from at family gatherings, not because no one liked her, but because she just didn’t play the radio and would trip over anything. One day I just got tired mentally and ran away from home and never returned. While being a run away I had experienced and went through a lot. I slept on a park bench the first few nights, and then I moved in with a friend. I was in strip clubs, smoking, and drinking at the age of 14. I thought I was living the life, but deep down I was still the same misunderstood little girl and lost. Eventually I was caught by the police and they transported me to child protective center, from there I was placed in a youth shelter. I went through hell in that shelter. Every night was a sleepless night for me. I had to constantly watch my back because a lot of the other youths there had severe behavioral issues, and others had mental disabilities. They would steal the little things I did have, and always kept up drama. When living in that shelter I felt like being in jail(though I’ve never been to jail),we had to wake up at a certain time every morning(6am) ,eat at a certain time, go outside at a certain time, and couldn’t leave the building unless I was going to school or accompanied by staff. I grew very weary there. Eventually, I was placed in a foster home. At first I was good,my foster parent started off nice, but once she got comfortable with me the horror began. She rarely cooked home cooked meals.She didn’t buy me things I needed, not even hygene products,and the allows she was supposed to give me that I used to get what I needed She shorted me on it every month. A few times I had to go to school musky, and not being able to brush my teeth. Hot pickets and roman noodles were my best friends. She never interacted with me or talked to me unless she wanted me to do something for her, and nothing I did was good enough. A few times another foster girl would move in with us, but every time I got attached to one they either got tired of her and got there case worker to find them somewhere else to go or they would leave because they were being reunited with their family. I would always wish and pray that I was the one to leave next time. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have a good case worker, she really made me feel as though I was just “another case number”. Anytime I told her I needed something or had concerns about my foster mom she would always threaten to send me back to the youth shelter, and was slow full about getting things done.  I had to endure the mistreatment and misery, until one day God finally heard my cry and answered my prayers. The court had finally ordered me to live with my great aunt in Montgomery Alabama!! That was one of the happiest days of my life! This particular aunt wasn’t just an aunt to me, she was my favorite aunt. She was there for me before I got token away from my mom. God had finally reunited me with her and my favorite uncle, and until this day I yet to claim them as my parents. They showed me the love a parent should.  I yearned for the love for my whole childhood. I moved here to Alabama with them at the age sixteen and I am now 21. With God and there guidance and unconditional love and understanding, my life has been turned around for the better. I am content with my life, and I’m a great mother and college graduate. I briefly shared this part of my life because someone else may be going through or went through something similar to what I went through. You must know life is what you make of it. Yes we'll go through things in life even if it's due to our own bad choices or due to things that are out of our control, but please don’t let it break you. You can use it to help make you a better you. Gain wisdom from your past. Everyone’s struggle is different from another, but we all have the ability to give life to those things that seem dead in our life. We are a child of a king (GOD) we shall overcome. With prayer, faith, and inner/mental strength you can and will be great! Only the strong survive!

So everyone knows that kids are a wonderful BLESSING sent from God Himself. Being a mother is the best feeling in the world true enough but try being a single mother, with a full time job, and going to college at the same time. Though the outcome is very rewarding and makes us feel proud, the road to greatness isn't always easy. Going to work at 8am sometimes 6am depending on your work schedule, having to be at school 6pm-11pm(I took night classes),then having to coming home and do homework, and still get right back up for work in the morning, with a one year old daughter. Picture that.

Being a single mom, we want what's best for our family. We have to make decisions sometimes that will drive us insane. Do you want to go back to school or maybe perhaps you never finished school and would like to go to school to make life better for you and your child/children? I would like to begin by saying I am a single mom of one active, smart, beautiful daughter. My daughter Zy'anna is
now 3 years old.
She is most defiantly my pride and joy. She keep me on my toes all of the time! I made the decision to go back to school shortly after graduating high school to better my future for myself and my daughter. "God never said the road would be easy". I have a daughter who is ADHD and I am yet still proud to be her mother. It is what it is!!! Being a single mom can be a challenge. No one ask to be a single mom, in life we go through things that we have no control over. God puts some of his strongest people through the toughest storms just so he could show us how strong and powerful we are. Do we blame the child's father? Or do you move on with your lives and strive for the very best? Well, I did! I moved on and in the process I returned back to school. I started from Fortis College where I became Medical Assistance. Though I just graduated a few months ago, I just registered at Alabama State University for my bachelor’s degree in social working. I've gotten this far through hard work and dedication. There was nothing easy about getting an education going to school full time and working full time as well!!! I had my struggles and break downs! At times, I felt like giving up, but again my daughter motivates me every single day!!! My daughter constantly, asks me...."Mommy are you going to school today?" "Can I go with you mama"? "Mommy are you going work?" Can I go? Her seeing me doing positive is a great feeling, but those are bitter sweet moments. I dread leaving her. We both cried at times. Mama got to make that money
. But like I said earlier, the outcome is rewarding but the road won’t be easy. As a single mom, you've got to believe in your dreams, goals, and aspiration. You can do it!!! I would like to hear from some of your experiences going back to school and balance work and family at the same time!!!!! And always remember with god all things are possible!! We are fearfully and wonderfully made ladies! We got this! So let’s get it!

Dear Zy’Anna,

Mommy just wants to let you know that I love you sooooooooooo much. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I promise to be your voice and protect you and guide you in the right path. I promise to instill the word of god in you, so that you know who to go to when mommy’s answers aren’t satisfying. I know some times you don’t like for me to leave you and go to work, but I promise mommy is doing it for a great purpose. I don’t ever want you to have to lack for anything. I will continue to work and go to school and be a good example for you. You may think one day that I’m a good mommy and want to be like me, but please Zy, be better than mommy! You love me so unconditionally and except all my flaws and I thank you for that pooh. You are only three at this present moment and you’re so beautiful and already extremely smart. I know you will be something great. Whenever you need me I’ll be there, I’ll be the best mother to you that I always wanted. I know sometimes you get upset with mommy when I tell you no or give you spankings when needed but I promise you’ll thank me in the long run. I’m sorry me and your dad couldn’t work things out and be one family but I promise to never keep you away from him just because we are not together, he loves you too. Baby girl I’m your queen and you’re my little princess. Together we stand. I will love you forever and ever no matter what!! Thank you for being the best daughter and the best granddaughter, we love our booka mae-mae!!!!


  1. ���������� I'm very proud of you baby girl keep your head up and keep god first

  2. I commend you whole heartily life isn't easy at times but like you said Gid gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers go be great go be that strong mother and provider never let your past dictate your future Gods got you in the cradle of his arms.... #KEEPPUSHING

  3. I straight cried I love You Keshawna ( ShawtyRedd) I Know U Are A Starr In My Eyes.... Continue Growing Zy You Got A Great Mom

  4. I'm so proud of you Keshawna keep going, keep growing, keep believing in God cause just a little will take you far but imaging how far he will take with full faith. He can and he will, love you keep your head up and keep pushing.

  5. I'm so proud of you Keshawna keep going, keep growing, keep believing in God cause just a little will take you far but imaging how far he will take with full faith. He can and he will, love you keep your head up and keep pushing.

  6. I'm very proud of you Lititle Cousin. Beautiful stories like yours make life worth fighting for. ZY will be great & you will too.... LOVE YOU... STAY BLESSED XO

  7. I Love This , So Proud Of You ❤️❤️

  8. I Love This , So Proud Of You ❤️❤️


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