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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I'm Kristen a young 26 years old wife and mother of one.
  I met my husband when I was around 13 years old. We became close friends.  After meeting in a small hometown church.  Young LOVE is what they called it. In 2008 we became one. We said our vows before God under oath..

Shortly after around 2010 God blessed us with a handsome son. Who is growing up to be the smartest, fast learning,  Jesus loving little boy whom we love from here too the moon. So now we are a Blessed Christian a family of 3. Our motto is School,Work , Church, and Home.

Things was going so good over the years. Just living life married and happy. Until a life changing experience. On January 14th, 2013 I get a phone call from my little sister asking have I talked too my brother.  I was like no why. She said he hasn't been by the house.  He was a street kid that went a stray like a normal teen. He was into the rapping thing, and even had a local  album out and all. He had met with a rapping label as well. We stayed in touch even though we were three hours away from each other. He was in Mobile I was in Montgomery...  So on the day of January 17th 2013 I get a call my brother is dead. Local News had its on breaking news. He has been shot in the head and nothing been found but a wallet and 1 shoe. Everyone was lost for words. It struck the entire city. His body wasn't found till one week later.  God knows he in a better place. I was numb.  I just can't seem too understand why he had too leave so soon and young.  A young boy with big dreams.  Till this day I wish I could pick up the phone and call him too say little brother keep up the good work, but I can't. In 2004 I lost my older brother to a car wreak, and now all I have  memories.. Now that I'm living a life for Christ Jesus it's much easier too understand death in a more calming way.

On the 29th of November 2011 the devil tried a trick. I was cooking in my kitchen. Thanksgiving dinner for friends. I was trying to wash some pasta and get things prepared.  As I turned from the stove too the sink to was some pasta I slipped and dropped the pot with the boiling water. My little man(1 year old) heard the loud noise and decided too crawl in full force too the kitchen.  As he is crawling in the water his sweat suit he was wearing at the time was soaking up the boiling water. After about 60 second my husband came out of our room to pick him up out the floor too discover the left arm, leg and feet of our son was burned pretty bad. Our first thing was too the ER we go. When we arrived and was told horrible news like he wasn't going to walk no time soon, but he walked days later. He had to go to a wound center for special care. 

We only did like 8 weeks at a little outpatient clinic. Glory be too God my baby was fully healed less than a year. Too God I give all the Glory!!

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