Mom to be Letter Thanking Child's Father for being in Photos

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Maternity Session are very popular. I decided to share a recent one I done. Guys when the mother of your child wants you to do maternity photos with her, remember you will never be able to get those memories back. The young lady wrote a letter to her child's father on what it meant for him to be a part of her pregnancy.

Dear Roderick,
I'm So Appreciative of you for stepping up and being there throughout my whole pregnancy with the baby not only have you been there for me but Jay also , you mean everything to us whether you know it or not. I know I've been difficult but thank you for dealing with me during my different emotions especially my stubborn moods and eating up your food without asking.

These pictures means everything to me. I have a beautiful family and an amazing guy to actually participate in sharing this memorable occasion. I know it wasn't easy dealing with my mood swings outfit changes and just my attitude all at once but you make it easy for me to feel comfortable and never once complain. This moment was one I'll never forget and I'm praying God covers us to be the best parents that we possibly can be to our Kinglan Dawon Lewis.

From yours truly to my always and forever
Roderick Dawon Lewis

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