God Gave Me a Way Out, Now Living Life Like It's Golden

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My name is Veronica, and I was born November 22, 1966 to a teenaged mother who
didn’t want to settle down, and be a mother.  The transition…My grandmother, came to New York and got me from a neighbor that my mother left me with for 2 weeks.  After realizing that she wasn’t coming back, she made contact with my “MOTHER”. This lady nourished me not only from a food standpoint, but she taught me how to be a woman. I made a vow that I would never abandon my children and I praise God, that I kept that promise. I was molested from the age of 9 to 15 by my aunts husband, who I forgave not long ago before he died. With this came anger, depression, and guilt.  It made us have to move from Texas back to Alabama, after I revealed all to my Big Mama (thats what we called my granny)

I became a teenaged mother and gave birth to my first beautiful baby girl at the age of 16. My daughter's father denied her in front of his mother, but still wanted to be with me secretly…NOT!  I raised her for 5 years with the help of my grandmother, cleaning other people’s houses after school…ALONE. I graduated on time,  but I didn’t care about marching with my class, I just wanted out of there.

After graduation, I met my first husband and gave birth to 2 more angels. I endured the physical abuse and fear of death until I got to the point, I’d rather be dead than put up with it anymore.  I did the unthinkable…I FOUGHT BACK!  He then found that I could hit just as hard as he
could or maybe harder with God’s help, (LOL).

Yes I can laugh at it now because we vowed to not fight anymore, after that, and we became the best of friends after the divorce.  My second husband wanted to fight too. He did, that after I wanted to commit suicide. I asked God to give me a way to escape. Guess what? He did. My husband started dating a younger woman,and we got divorced.

Now at my heaviest weight of 423 here comes husband number three.  It’s not all good days, and I have to remind myself that he’s not them. He has his own set of issues and as my pastor would say, I have to love him right where he is. God has redeemed me in so many ways through the molestation, rape and suicide contemplation, but I’M STILL HERE!!! I’m turning 50 years and I’ve had gastric sleeve surgery to help me regain my health. I’ve accepted my calling from Christ, to minister to his people by any means necessary. I use my story (in brief details here) as a tool to let them know they too can SURVIVE!!! Through all of the physical and verbal abuse, I AM LIVING my life like it's GOLDEN!!!  Remember, if they didn’t appreciate you when they had you, don’t give them the chance to draw you back in, but keep moving.

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