God Gave Me Another Chance to Be a Mother

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My name is Sierra. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child in August of 2015 it was the best feeling in the world. I couldn't wait to tell everyone and to meet my unborn child. That feeling was short lived. My world came crashing down when me and my husband went to the doctor at my ten week appointment. My doctor checked for a heartbeat, but couldn't find one. She told me not to worry do to the fact I wasn't that far along. She scheduled an ultrasound the next day. When I went to the ultrasound the tech told me my child didn't have a heartbeat. I couldn't do anything but cry. I choose to let the miscarriage happen naturally instead of getting a d&c right away. A week later I woke up bleeding heavy and went to the emergency room. When they finally rushed me into surgery 6hours later the doctor informed my husband that he almost lost me as well do to the fact the Er Doctors didn't send me to them right away. I ended up having to get six blood transfusions along with the D & C. After that I slipped into a depression. I felt as though I failed my child and that it was my fault. I wanted another child to feel the void in my heart. We tried for a couple months after tons of negative pregnancy test I thought I couldn't get pregnant again. That the surgery had messed me up in some type of way. Then one day something told me to go get a test from dollar tree. I went and got the test and a lady in line told me how she bought all the expensive test and they came up negative but the dollar test was the one that gave her a positive result.

When I went home and took the test, and I finally saw those two lines. A wave of excitement and fear came over me. I was excited to finally have another chance, but I was scared that I might have another miscarriage. I went to the doctor and found out I was indeed six weeks pregnant with my rainbow child.

During my entire pregnancy with my daughter I was in and out the hospital for the slightest pain scared that I was having another miscarriage. Till one day when I was around eight months pregnant an older lady come up the me and told me that my daughter was going to be just fine she was going to born healthy and around six or seven pounds. On Oct.21at 41 weeks pregnant and after 30 hours of labor my rainbow child was born. Harmoni Malia Patrice Powell was born Oct. 21 at 7:03pm weighing 7lbs 8oz. When they placed her in my arms all I could do was cry because I made it through. God gave me another chance to be a mother. I didn't want to put her down I didn't want to let her go because I was so in love with her. I couldn't believe I was blessed enough to call her my daughter.
I still don't understand why my first child didn't make it but I know God does everything for a reason and I know they are looking over me and their father and sister.

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