I Fought Because I Didn't Want To Die

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ms. Chrystal is a ball of fire and a diva. I did her story on one of my first blog years ago, and I wanted to share it again. She has such a sweet spirit, and when I tell you this woman is a believer in God. I had never met Ms. Crystal until the day of our interview. Lets just say I felt like I had known her for a long time. She is very outspoken, strong willed, SINGLE, and fabulous. She is available gentlemen: however let me just tell you, you better have your "A" game right.

I am Chrystal Calhoun and I am 40 years old. I have 3 kids ages 22, 19, and 17, and I am a 4 years breast cancer survivor. I first found my lump, when I was 35 years old. The first thing that came to my mind, if I die what would happen to my kids.  They were a lot younger then, so my main concern was with being a single parent, was what will happen to my kids if I was to die. I am not originally from Montgomery, all my family is back home, in another part of Alabama. I wanted to make sure that I fought for my kids.  When I found the lump I was actually in the shower doing a self exam, which is good for all women to do. I know they encourage us that when we get to the age of 40, to have regular mammograms, but check yourself.  If I never did checked myself I wouldn't be here telling my story now. When I found the lump I instantly knew something was wrong, because it was just big, and there, and it didn't move.  

I made an appointment for the next day, and when I went to the doctor, the way they constantly rushed me through every appointment, let me know that something was wrong.  On November 6, 2008, is when I found out I had cancer. I didn't cry or break down, I just kind of sat there when the doctor told me. I remembered calling my brother, once  I left the doctor office, and I told him " hey, I just call to tell the doctor just told me I had breast cancer,". Instead of him breaking down, he told me you have two options fight or die.  When he told me that I was like I do have two options fight or die.  
My first chemo treatment was the day after Thanksgiving in 2008. They had already briefed me on the fact that I would lose my  hair and a lot of other side affect. It was okay because I like to wear weave anyway. I went to my first chemo treatment by myself. A lot of things concerning breast cancer, I did by myself. I did not want my kids to see that part, because it is gruesome to go into the chemo room, and have to sit there. You never know if the person next to you will get sick or how your own body would handle the treatment.

 The first one was okay I heard a lot 
of horror stories on what it would do to me, and how I would feel. I just thank God that none of that was true.  One thing people need to know is that each body is different, and each body will handle the medicine differently. Through prayer, grace, and faith I didn't get sick or throw up as much as everyone said I would. I did in fact lose my hair like the doctor said I would, but that was okay. My biggest concern was I just didn't want to die at age of 35. I felt like I had so much to give. I wanted to get married, watch my kids get married, and have grand kids to spoil and send them back home to their parents. I just didn't want to die! I didn't let the word cancer kill me. I didn't let it kill my spirit,my faith, or take away my smile. I felt like it had taken away so much other stuff, but I wasn't going let it take away who I was even, if it was going take away my breast. I went to the cancer center, and my doctor, who is fabulous told me that we could do surgery first and chemo last or chemo first and surgery last. I chose to do chemo first, and in the end, instead having a vasectomy like they said, I end up having a lympnonpty. The chemo actually shrunk the lump and I got to keep my breast.
I am still here and smiling 4 years later. I am here to encourage someone, you can defeat cancer. You have to have faith and you have to stay prayed up. Don't allow anyone to come to you and tell you something negative, just keep moving. Please don't never stop praying. I believe my faith in God is one thing that got me through it all. I prayed a lot. When I didn't feel like I would press my way to church anyway.  
If you are family member of someone with cancer you can be there, even though there is nothing you can do to take the pain away. Just being there to listen and hold them when they cry. You can sit at the cancer center with them, because it gets lonely in there. You can also take them shopping so you can relieve some of the their everyday worries away. Please be there and don't let them fight alone. My words of encouragement to someone who is maybe fighting cancer is, even though they tell you, you have cancer, you don't have to die. Cancer is not a death sentence, it just means you have to find strength to keep fighting even when it seems like it is not worth fighting for
Don't give up..!


  1. God gets all glory, To my sister, my friend, my mentor I love you with everything in me and I am so grateful that you were placed in my life and I could feed off your strength even when you didn't know it. You aren't a Cancer survivor you are a SURVIVOR. .....

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