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Monday, December 19, 2016

Maternity sessions as you all who have followed me know, they are some of my favorite memories to capture. I am in love with the simplicity and raw emotions.  I enjoy both indoors and outdoors. The most popular questions I am usually asked is should I do indoor or outdoor photos and what should I wear. With this blog I hope to answer as many questions on the subjects as possible.

If you are planning to do your maternity session outdoors, you must know the pros and the cons. The number one reason you should choose outdoors, if you are a fan of natural light as myself. The next one is, an on-location offers your own individual style. You can also be more relaxed and I can capture candid shots with you , you husband/significant other, and kids.  The con of outdoors photos is the weather can be unpredictable. The day of your session it could be extremely hot, and if you have your make-up done, you don't want it to be ruin due to sweat. It could even rain that day. If you choose a session on a cold day you don't want to have that look on your face that you're freezing.  The main one you may want to take in consideration is most locations or public places, and you may not get any privacy. Most times when I am doing photos outside, people will take the time out to enjoy and observe what is going on. If you are not sure if you will be comfortable my suggestion is indoors or a private location (your backyard or family property) will be the better option for you. The biggest thing I think of is the importance of making sure you are comfortable.  You may want to outweigh the good and bad before selecting your choice.

Indoors, maternity sessions in my opinion are best for capturing the beauty of your baby bump. It's more intimate, and you as well as me can focus on capturing you embracing the beauty of  motherhood. You will be able to relax and you will have more privacy. If you, your child's father, and kids plan to do semi-nude or completely nude maternity photos, indoors is definitely the route to choose.  I am not saying doing nude maternity photos or showing your belly is impossible outdoors because I believe ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE; however we are definitely limited to locations.

                                 What to Wear...

A lot of moms to be become so puzzled on what to wear. My suggestion is before coming to do photos try it on and make sure that's the look you want to have in your photos. Everyone is made differently; therefore just because what works for someone may not work for you. The whole point of the session is to embrace your belly. You want to make sure that your wardrobe fits you in all the right places. You want to look beautiful and feel beautiful at the same time. My suggestions on wardrobe is if you choose to go the route of indoors and you select nude or semi-nude, then there is nothing, but the undergarments you would like in your photos. Many of my customers prefer to get the wardrobe custom designed, and that is totally fine. I have found that wrapping in beautiful oversize scarves and fabric can be beautiful also. You can wear a fitting  dress which will sculpture the body and belly in the exact way to hug every curve and your bump . If you plan to show your belly choose a two piece or some jeans and a crop shirt or bra. Choosing to dress like you about to hit the red carpet or  the cover of a maternity magazine is awesome.., and you it will make you feel and look like a star for the day.  When selecting what you want and like for your photo session, literally "Picture" yourself in it.


I purchased this what she's wearing from online. It's an JE Women design. The dress was very affordable. The model said the dress was very comfortable and not heavy at all. As you can see the dress is stretchy and it wrapped around her body exactly the way I intended. It's an all size fit all, which means the elastic will fit anyone.


A'lexus is wearing a Love Sex Magic Dress from Fashion Nova... The dress is sexy,elegant and classy.  Although it's not originally a maternity dress, but I think she chose perfect one for her.

If choosing indoors and outdoors becomes hard to choose, I do have the option where you may do both, and get the best of both settings...

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