Buddy Systems Do Exist Even In Communities

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I moved into a very well known and establish community in Montgomery, AL about six and a half years ago. I was excited about becoming a new young homeowner. I love the community amenities and the different events it offers for the kids. 

About a couple of years ago, I was taking photos for my blog in the community because I liked the background and it was convenient for me. I remember the first encounter with the HOA office manager. The people who were doing photos for the blog, that day and I were profiled, and rudely approached by her. Once the people with me allowed her to know that they were out there with me, she came over to me, impolitely, and asked me did I live out here.  After our exchanges of words and her trying to handle me like an adolescent, her tone changed and she acted more professional when I didn't back down.  She left and said if you have any problems, to please call her at the office and come by if I would be planning to do more photos. I didn't have a problem with that, but was curious why I had to come to the office, like I was a trespasser in "my own community". After she left the people were shocked that she was over this community with so many different families living out here.

After a few days I calmed down, and went to the office. When I went there that day, she was an entirely a different person. She even gave me her personal cellphone number, and told me to contact her if anyone had any problems when  I was doing photos.

I wasn't using the community "area" or the term she used that day "private property area" in quite a while because even after as many or almost 1500 people, give or take, in the community paying almost a $1,000 a year in HOA dues ( a fee, they declare is used for the upkeep and running of the community) wasn't kept up to par.

I decided to do photos again, since I needed a photo session quickly, for my blog.  On this occasion I was approached by the security guard.  The security guard was very nice, and she said the manager said you can't be here even, if you live out here. Again I was angry and disgusted at the manager's tactics. I noticed someone was watching us from their backyard, so I assume they were who called the office.

I called the office to speak to the manager to ask why did she changed yet again. She was so revoltingly rude to me.

I had enough and decided to write her an email concerning her actions, lies, and alternating personalities. I emailed her in hopes that she would had forwarded my email to her manager or HOA Members to uncover her unethical behavior. She never responded back.

After a week of confronting her with an email, we started receiving countless letters from the front office, of the different things "they say" we were doing at our house. (Leaving the trash can out and the grass not being cut. Understand it had rained back to back. It was many other petty things). After living out here for years we may saw one letter before this. I started getting letters about our car being parked on the side of "OUR" house. Please understand we were not the only one parking on the curb. She started posting signs everywhere in the community, saying what can be done and couldn't be done in certain areas. I caught her many days driving by the house. I then discerned, that this was retaliation and she did received my email.

The final straw was the day, we caught another security guard putting a letter on the car yet again.  My husband asked the security guard why we were the only one receiving notes, when there were over ten other cars on the street. The security guard nervously and nicely exactly replied sir I am just doing my job, and the manager "by name" told me to only put it on your car pacifically. We were furious.

We tried numerous time to set up a meeting with the manager and the HOA committee. The manager finally respond after we confronted her about her harassment. She acted like she was empty-headed at what I was talking about. The president completely jumped to the rescue of the manager, without even listening to our side or apologizing for the unscrupulous behavior of the "community" HOA manager had betrayed.

Since, the little shenanigans, I sometimes take photos out here, in the area that, they can't utter a word to  me not being able to use, because it is not considered "the private area/property". The president was recently re-elected unfortunately, at least that's what they say. The manager is still in her luxurious office with an unfriendly attitude and facial expression. As an HOA paying member I felt I was unnecessarily treated unfairly. I have saw many families ride dirt bikes, fly kites, and even professional photographers on the "private" land, not sure if they live out here or not. It's really not my concern. Although I am sure many probably reading this are saying I should of called on them, but I didn't because I know how it felt to be tyrannized when you are simply not doing anything. Even though I was intentionally picked out to be picked on, I did learn that buddy systems do exist,  not only in place of employment and clubs, but yes even communities.

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