I Wanted to Be Her Voice, Caring Teachers Matter

Saturday, January 21, 2017

This is my daughter Tyreanna, she is almost 12 years old. She is what I bconsidered as my "seat belt" on life. When I became pregnant with her I knew her needs had to come before mines. At the age of three I realized that my daughter speech wasn't what other kids her age was. I remember how family members constantly criticized  me on how she needed to be in school around other kids. Her father and I felt it was in our best interest to not put her in daycare.  We purchased many videos of sight words to help her pronounce her words, but it just didn't help much. I was around her so much, that I knew what she was trying to say, even when others didn't. I remember because she was such a beautiful little girl, she would always be approached by people and they couldn't understand her. They would ask me what she said and I would tell them, but I hid my hurt and anger.

When she was four years old we enrolled her into a Pre-K program in one of the nearby public elementary school. I still didn't see any progress, with her being around kids. I remember one day I was dropping her off and as I was coming back around the corner, because I had forgot to give my daughter's teacher something I heard the teacher next door talking about my daughter, saying "this is not a special education program" My first instinct was to confront her, but I remembered she was surrounded by kids, and with the anger I had it wasn't the place or time to handle the situation. I told Tyreanna's dad what I heard the lady say, and he was immediately ready to confront her without any hesitation. I eventually calmed him down.  We soon took her out the program,  because of  the many horrible and disciplinary  things within the program itself that was going on.

We continued to keep working with her, because she was headed to kindergarten. We applied for the magnet program, and she didn't get in. We were devastated, not because she didn't get in but I knew it was probably due to them not being able to understand some of the words she may was saying. My daughter didn't have a learning disability. At the age of one she was off her bottle and pacifier, at exactly two completely potty trained, she knew her numbers, she knew her alphabets, she knew how to tie her shoes before 4 years old, and she could even read. She was up to par of a typical 5 years old, but she just wasn't able to talk fluently.  She would become frustrated, and shut down because she didn't want anyone to ask her over and over what she was trying to say.

She started kindergarten that year, and when we met the teacher, I immediately told her that she had a speech problem. She assured me" hey, don't worry she will be fine." We worked with Tyreanna at home as much as we could, and well as the teacher did too.  She knew my daughter needed the extra help,and she didn't push her to the side. She then referred my daughter to be seen by the school speech pathologist. She was absolutely wonderful. She took the time out to find exactly what my daughter's needs were. She never became irritated or pushed my daughter to the point that she didn't care. As the school year past by we could see her speech progressing. 

The next semester I decided to try her again for the magnet program. The day that we received her acceptance letter I cried. I cried because I was so full of joy. The teachers who took their job to the next level to help my daughter, allowed me to see that some teachers love their students as much as the parents. We absolutely love them, I consider them long time friends. When we see each other we embrace other because they know I am forever grateful to them. I also know that God put them in the right place at the right time for us.

My dance loving, writing loving, and reading loving "seat belt" has indeed taken the advantage of the platform her kindergarten teacher and speech pathologist has given her. If you listen at her talk now, you wouldn't ever know , she is the same little girl that couldn't hardly talk.  She is  speaking very well. She learn to take her time to pronounce each word she says. She is currently still in the magnet program, and she just made the archery team.

Parents I know we want out kids to be perfect.  You have to always be their cheerleader, no matter what. If they are in school regardless if the have a speech problem or whatever, be partners with the teachers, and not their opponent. It's helps to have a great communication with them.

Teachers I know some days you are tired and become frustrated, but please remember that you caring and you pushing does make an impact on kids lives. You may not hear it, but one day somewhere that extra step made a difference.

My note to the sweet teachers who came into our lives while my daughter was in kindergarten.

  " You guys are awesome, you will forever be remembered not for just the impact you had on Tyreanna, but the geniue love and care you had for a stranger's child"

                                                   The Causey Family

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