Losing a Husband to Gun Violence

Friday, January 6, 2017

Tell me a little about yourself and your kids.

I'm a 25 year old mother of two daughters and one son. Their names are Jayden age 7, Avah Williams age 1, & Addison Williams age 2 months. I served in the Army  for three and a half years. I currently work in the surgery department at Baptist South Medical Center. My son is in the 2nd grade at Wares Ferry Elementary and plays football for the Montgomery Bulldogs. My daughters goes to A Great Start Learning Academy. Even though I'm a young mother, I have no regrets. They're my pride and joy. They've been my strength through this tough process.
Tell me about your husband. My husband was 31 years old at his time of death. We were getting ready to celebrate his 32nd birthday on December 1st. He was a supervisor at UPS for 7 years. He loved to laugh and see other people laugh. He was working on his degree at Troy University in Business Logistics. He loved his family. He had 4 daughters (2 two of them are with another woman) and one step son. He was just an all around person. He was someone who everyone loved to be around. Just seeing his smile would make your day better. He was a great father and a great husband.

What were you doing when received this devastating news?

When I received the news I was getting ready for work. When I got up that morning I felt like something was wrong. He's normally at home before I wake up. But I ignored it. I figured that he was at his brother house which he normally did at times. So I continued to get dressed for work. Then the next thing I know two police officers were at my door asking to come in.

What did you feel how did you feel or did you feel numb to this unexpected/ shocking news?
I felt numb after hearing the news. I didn't know what to do. All I could do was scream. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I didn't want to believe it. Not my husband!

How long has it been?

It has been a long year since he's been gone.

Some things in life you will never get over it, but how do you get through everyday?
I think of my kids to get me through. They need their mother. They don't need to lose both parents. I also try to keep myself busy.

Many people will want to know when your kids are old enough to understand, how will you tell them about their father?

To be honest I'm already dreading that day. It's not fair that someone has to tell them about their father instead of them spending time with their father and getting to know him for themselves. But I would start it off with your father truly loved you guys. He use to rub on my stomach all day everyday, waiting on you guys appearance.

When you look and see these beautiful kids, do you see their dad in them?

Yes, they're every bit of their dad. One of them actually do little things like her dad. Meaning that she would hold her mouth just like him or stick one foot out from up under the cover like he use to do.

If he could hear what you had to say at this very moment, what would you say to him? 

I would just tell him that I love him and miss him so much and wish that he was still here to help me raise his beautiful children.

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