My Cousin's Maternity Session "Wykita (Bunk) and Marlon"

Monday, January 16, 2017

I be excited to do all my sessions, but this one was very special to me.  We don't see each other or talk often, but when she scheduled her maternity session I was tickled. Growing up in a family full of boys, it was just us three girls: her, her sister Neshia, and me. We came from rushing home at the last minutes to not miss our curfew, to now adults living on our own. Time has really past us by.

I was grateful the weather turned out so pretty. We joked and reminisced on the past. I even joked on how the baby had her head as I looked at her ultra sound. I am sure Marlon thought we were crazy.

We couldn't even complete the photo shoot from laughing.  It was my first time meeting Marlon, but if you ever take photos with me, I always try to make everyone feel comfortable and just have fun. I didn't want to give him a hard time,  because Wykita (Bunk) was doing it enough.

Have you heard someone say the phrase "they don't make them like him/her"? It's a country saying, I don't often say. It basically means that there are some people who are just rare. They have a good heart and they are just an all around great person. Well Wykita's father was one of them. I knew him as Uncle Boot, why many knew him as Johnnie B.. He passed a few years ago, and I told her in some form I wanted to add him in the photos. We came up with the decision to incorporate his photo with a shirt that was given to her as a gift. As we took the pictures, I didn't know if I wanted to cry or laugh. I have some good memories and we had some fun times. I told her if he was here he would be cracking up some jokes on her being pregnant.

When you are able to capture memories for family members or someone you are close to, it makes you appreciate the gift God has blessed you to have even more. Thanks you guys so much for allowing me to help you preserve these memories.  


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