Singing Is What Keep Me Going

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Today is a special day. Its my 31st birthday! 
I have seen many things take place in my life. I came from a single parent household.  I'm single, I don't have any kids, but I suffered a miscarriage.  I love dancing, cooking, doing hair, helping others, being creative and most of all singing. I currently sing with a gospel group name Awaken By Faith. I first discovered I could sing in 1996, while riding in the car with my god sister and godmother. I begin singing from that point on. I've had many experiences in life that, it's too much to write about, and it would take me writing a short book.  I grew up fatherless, because my father chose not to be in my life. I grew up fast at the age of 10 to help my mom out.  I grew up feeling lonely, misused, alone, self esteem problems, and the thoughts of committing suicide.  Whenever I would hear a song or sing it, that would help me carry on.

On Jan 7, 2017, I was involved in a car accident, while traveling home from Decatur Al from my job. It was ice on the ground, so my truck was sliding as I was driving.  I began to say a quick prayer, " Lord please protect me on this road".  I remember talking to my mom as I drove down the road. I told  her to be sure to answer your phone because my car had been sliding due to the ice on the highway.  I started losing control of the truck, and I told myself "I am about to flip". It flipped, then the next thing I remembered was I heard voices. I climbed out and laid on the ground. I remember a lady kept asking was I okay and was there something she could do to help.  I asked the woman can you please call my mom, and I remember it was 11:58 A.M. I begin hearing the song I was listening to before the accident,  over and over in my head.  As the tears rolled down from my eyes,  I remember saying "I hear you talking Lord".

I know no matter what life throws at me I want stop singing .I'm not perfect, but I know there is a divine purpose for my life. There were many times I wanted to stop singing from what people was saying about the way I live my life. I have a strong support system that encourages and supports me. My mother is my number one fan.  I appreciate those who have helped me along the way. I want to  thank God for my gift of singing and sparing my life.

This is my cousin. We all grew up together. I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE TO COME... Always remember it's not where you come from it's where you are going. I want you to remember to never hide the gift that God gave you. Sing to Him and sing like there isn't anyone watching.


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