I Want More Than Just A Ring and Title

Monday, March 20, 2017

Written By: Felecia Causey
Model: Jakendra Holloway

I am at the point in my life , where I am seeing all my friends and some of family members I grew with up with, that are getting married and starting families. I was/am genuinely happy for each wedding and engagement I have came across. I was excited to see the proposal videos or engagement photos, posted on social media.

I would ask myself,  "when would that be me?".

Although each proposal was slightly different from each other, what it did show every time was two happy people who looked in love.

Many people I know gave their now fiance or husband a time frame to get married or propose to them. I also had some friends trying to beat someone else to the alter or they grew impatient of not having the title as a wife.

The same ones who rushed for engagement are either with a cheater, someone who doesn't work, or someone who doesn't even take care of their kids from previous relationships.

As I look, and see myself in a wedding dress, I want more than just being able to put married on my social media pages, and having the big ceremony that I can't really afford, and inviting people who would be waiting for our downfall.

I want the person I choose to walk down the isle to be able to tolerate my flaws, my different mood swings, and the gaining weight during our marriage to not affect his love for me. I want the satisfaction of knowing that even on my bad hair or no make-up days, that I am just as beautiful and he will treat me as such. I want someone who I will encourage, and he will encourage me. I want someone who will hold my hair back when I vomit, while I will always be there to rub his back if  he can't fall asleep.
I want the title one day of Mrs., and I want to put the sparkly ring on my finger, but I want more than just a show and tell.

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