Selecting The Best Hospital To Have Your Baby

Friday, March 3, 2017

When it get close time for moms to be to have their baby, they want to experience the perfect birth. As most of us know, birth plans doesn't goes as you have intended. With the many horror stories from women dealing with poor facilities or rude, unprofessional, and unconcerned staff, the question most moms to be may be wondering, how can I choose the right hospital for me.

Many soon to be mothers, choose the hospital because their doctor only delivers there, their family delivered there, or because it's the only one that's close to their location. What about you ladies who are willing to travel or have an array of hospitals to choose from where you live? How do you choose the one who will give you the top of the line care, have the best facility/equipment, amazing staff, and mostly will respect your birth plan?

The United States has many hospitals. Many ladies take the time out to read reviews or hear others opinions because this is a very special moment for them.

Selecting the right place to deliver is something, you shouldn't take lightly. There isn't any mother who would like to remember the delivery of their baby as a disappointing experience.


As many of you are reading, you are probably wondering, how can I select the best one for me. I'm a check off the list type of person. So the best advice I can give you is write down what you want and expect during delivery. What is important? If you plan to choose a natural birth, see what the hospitals' C-section rate. If the hospital rate of cesareans is high you may want to notate that.

Below I have a few things you may want to consider to add on your list and why:

How far is the hospital from where you live?
If you live far from the hospital you would like to deliver at, please keep in mind that your baby can come at any moment. They can come quickly, and what is an hour drive, may seem like four hours with the pain.

How many people can attend the birth?
When I photographed births, this was one of the biggest issues. Many hospitals have a strict limit of guests in the delivery room. Yes, everyone wants to be a part of the birth, but I also understand  it's incase of emergencies.

How big are the delivery or recovery room?
The delivery room size, I would have to say would be at the top of my list. I am not a fan of small spaces at all.  If you don't want everyone to feel like they are on top of each other, be sure you check the size of the room on their website. I personally feel the best way to get the exact visual of the space is to go visit the birthing center before it's time to have your baby. The hospital I delivered both of my kids, rooms were huge.

What are the reviews on nurses and staff?
I would say the staff professionalism and attitude is another one of the most important things on my list. I have encountered some rude hospitals' staffs, and I wasn't the one delivering my baby. You don't want to be emotionally and physical drained from birth, and have to deal with a nasty attitude nurse. I have also encountered some great nurses. When I delivered my kids, I actually had the same nurses. One of the nurses there, rubbed my back until it stopped itching, after having an reaction to the anesthesia. This hospital in my book, for their nurses gets a high review from me.

I only named a few, but remember there is no wrong questions or concern. You know what is important to you.

Be sure to check back soon on what is some of my top pick hospitals to give birth. I may just save you the time and paper with all your questions being answered, with high quality photos.

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