Somebody Prayed For Me: When I Almost Lost My Mind Losing My Daughter To Gun Violence

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My name is Kendra Monea Kendrick , and I am a mother of four beautiful kids. My life was affected by gun violence , when I lost my 6 year old daughter.

I still have trouble going to her grave site, but when I do go I know she is with me , because the wind is constantly blowing. I don't go like I should but I go enough for her to know that mommy is always here. I thank GOD for bringing me this far  I know He will never leave me....I ALMOST LET GO !

On January 4th , I lost my daughter  She was shot with a SKS. She got shot in the side and it went through her back. That morning was the worst day of my life. Our home was shot up around 3:37 A.M. They called it a drive-by . All I heard was a lot of loud noises that sound like bombs and the smell was awful, I thought our house was blowing up because it was gas . I never thought somebody was actually shooting it up , after it was done I didn't notice my daughter was hit until I seen her shirt, and all I could do was panic. I held her until my grandma made it there. She took her last breath in my arms. Everything felt so unreal, and I would walk around like nothing happened . 

I thought I was going to lose my mind , all I could think about was dying because I had no other reason to live , I cried day and night, I was afraid to sleep.  I went to mental health t be put on medication because I was depressed. Every morning I would wake up to any little noise I heard. I took my anger out on everybody I gave up on being happy and I didn't want nothing to do with my oldest son.  I was torn into pieces and no one understood me . I cried out to GOD, but he didn't answer. So I strayed away from life and people (SOMEBODY PRAYED FOR ME) .

She will always live as long as I am here. I hold her in my heart, and I will never let her go. There is not a day goes by that I don't think about my baby .

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