Gave Him Everything, But He Took Me For Granted

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photos By: Felecia Causey
Model: Laken McManus
(Laken McManus) is only a model for this post, she is not the character or affiliated with anyone in the story)

I met this guy three years ago, and while we were together, I worked two jobs, while going to school. He had a job at a great company, working mostly night shifts. I tried cooking everyday, but he complained about my food, and when I didn't cook he complained also.

He would come home, throw his dirty laundry on the bedroom floor, but I wouldn't say anything. I would always clean it up. He would make big messes in the kitchen and leave piles of dirty dishes in the sink, but again I didn't fuss or complain, I would just clean it up too.

I wanted to be a good girlfriend, so I did what I thought was expected, to be a good woman. I loved him, and I did way more for him, than I did for anyone else from previous relationships. I purchased him name brand clothes, and all the latest new shoes. He wore all the new trends, while most of my clothes came off the clearance racks. When I wanted to have date nights, I had to watch him play video games, that he purchased with his pay check, instead of helping me pay for bills.

When I went to work, I would take vienna sausages and ham sandwiches, because I had to pay for all the bills. I was so ashamed to allow my co-workers to see what I was eating, that no matter how the weather was, I would go eat lunch alone in my car. I remember it was 95 degrees one day, but it felt like it was hotter. I had the car air on, but it only seemed like hot air was coming out. When, I went back into work my pants and shirts were wet from sweat.

On holidays like Valentine's Day, Christmas, or even my birthday, it was never treated special by him, but I would go beyond to make it extraordinary for him. I decided to leave him, when he didn't give me anything on my birthday, when the day before,  he gave a woman "friend" a gift for her birthday. I was giving this man qualities of a wife, but he wasn't giving me anything back in return. I left him,  and I am now waiting on the man that God has for me.

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