Loving Me Just The Way I Am

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photos By: Felecia Causey
Models: Misty Davis, Tamara Zeigler, and Brittney Artis

The industry, the television, the Internet, and social media has pounded women,  with the idea of the perfect body . The message being sent to women is that they are not pretty or skinny enough.

Images of females bodies are everywhere. Women bodies are used to sale mostly everything. The importance of a thin body has been used as a measure of a woman's worth. "Ordinary" women have received the message that they are always in need of refinement. The females body is looked on as an object, used for verbal abuse. The reminder of her body's imperfection can be a constant criticism and put downs.

As a mother to a 12 years old girl, I am constantly telling her how beautiful she is, and that beauty is more than skin deep. I tell her to embrace every flaw or imperfection and love herself.

Many of us feel insecure, compares ourselves to others, and find faults with our bodies, since we live in an era of filters and perfectly airbrushed photos. Ladies we have to embrace our own unique, capable, and lovable self. We have to accept, that perfection doesn't exist. Lets choose to give to our self assertion on how beautiful you are, instead of trying to meet society's standards of the perfect woman.

Women we all come in different sizes, and are under much pressure to the social ideal of beauty and the risk of going under the knife, to be like our favorite celebrity or reality show star. Look yourself in the mirror, and know you're not anyone but you.

Contrary to what society thinks, women sizes are the opposite of what is the media's impact. With each of our curves, you're beautiful, so don't allow social limitations to dictate how you think of yourself. You are beautiful, just the way you are.

Thanks  ladies..!


I've been called BIG and UGLY I've Been called BEAUTIFUL and THICK but neither matter all that matters is I LOVE every inch of me #CurvyPluseSizeQueen
~Tamara Zeigler

Growing up as a child I always wanted to be slim and trim because that's all I saw on the BET and other shows. I was so blind sided to thinking I was obese/over weight all because of how television portrayed certain things.  Society had me thinking if I wasn't a size 6 or smaller I couldn't be beautiful. But today I embrace ALL of me...  I'm a BBW and I'm proud of it..  People can call me fat all day long but I take it is PHAT (PRETTY, HOT AND THICK)  Monique taught me that.  Love yourself ladies and RISE ABOVE ALL NEGATIVITY
~Misty Davis

Being a plus sized woman in today's society have its pros and cons. In one breathe we are praised and encourage to be 'BeYoutiful', while in the next breathe " She's too big for that, why won't she lose weight. I have struggled with my weight on and off through out my entire life. I let "Society's opinion" taunt me and caused me to feel..."FAT". However I love me, I embrace my curves, dimples, stretch marks, and rolls. I am not afraid to wear a crop top, a two piece, or even lingerie!! I am phenomenal, beautiful inside and out. Rather I wear a 2x or a size 0  

~Brittney Artis

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