My Son Having Autism Has Taught Me To Be Humble, Have Patience, And Have More Faith

Friday, April 14, 2017

My name is Nikki, I have a 9 year old son named Cameron who has Autism.

Cameron was born 2 months early weighing  3lbs., 11oz.  He needed extra attention and care because his lungs weren’t  fully developed. As time went by and he started to grow, I started to notice he wasn't doing things kids his age were doing. At 1-1/2 years old he wasn’t  talking, not even saying mama.  All he would do was squeal and was very frustrated. So when I took him to his pediatrician he said it was normal, because he was premature, he would be a little behind kids his age. So I gave the doctor the benefit of the doubt. But as time went on,  I started to notice other things about Cameron.  He couldn't stand loud noise, he wasn’t  playing with his toys the right way, making eye contact, and would rather be to himself.
When he turned 3 years old he still wasn’t  saying too much of anything. So I made another appointment with his doctor, he did his evaluation and referred him to speech therapy.   Cameron started speech at AUM and is still taking it now. When Cameron went to kindergarten his teacher asked if she could speak with me.  I told her anything pertaining to Cameron,  good or bad,  she always could. His teacher worked many years with kids that had Autism so she saw the signs and told me to get him tested. I was confused because I didn't know what Autism exactly was. So I researched things about it. I made another appointment with his doctor and he referred us to the center for child and adolescents development. So they tested him and he was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and a learning disorder. The first thing I said was why us Lord? I know you’re not supposed to question God, but I thought my whole world was crashing because I didn't know how I was going do this. Someone told me God gives the toughest battles to the strongest people. I asked God to give me the strength and help us on the journey. God did just that. I researched and got counseling for Cameron. I thank God everyday for a strong support team. I use to ask myself, after he was diagnosed, will Cameron be able to do things kids his age? Then I told myself he will be able to do it, plus more, because of my faith. I had to make many adjustments to fit his needs and things to make him comfortable. People that know Cameron know how crazy he is about his tablet, so it goes where we go to keep him from having his meltdowns or getting frustrated, it keeps him content. People  sometime stare in public and I always smile because it’s simply amazing and they don't know our story. Cameron is 9 years old, he has a great personality, silly, loves superheroes and cars. We have good days and bad but I'm forever grateful. He loves to sing and dance.

When Cameron was diagnosed and we started our journey, it taught me to be more humble, have more faith and patience. I look back on how far Cameron has come and all the obstacles that were thrown at us...But God!

 If you have a child with Autism,  do your research and get help. When I look back where we started from I wouldn't change anything.

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