A Thank You Note To My Dad

Sunday, June 18, 2017

My dad when I was 2

Dear Dad,

We are two people who are not big at showing emotions, but we know that we both share an unconditional love for each other. In my eyes you will always be the best man I know. Yes, you don't wear a cape, but you will always be my superhero. Growing up you were strict and didn't mind giving out punishments,but now as an adult, I know I deserved each one. I appreciate the way you taught my brothers and I that hard works pays off, even if it goes unnoticed by people, but that God rewards us. Thanks for being the one who kept it real with me, and telling "just the way it was". I appreciate you teaching me integrity and to always be kind to others.

I thank you for allowing me to learn stuff the hard way. I am sure you hurt as I hurt, but you gave me the room to grow into who I am. I appreciate all the jokes and family memories to be able to share them with my kids.

I want to thank you for working hard and many days overtime, just to ensure that I was able to have everything I needed and wanted.

I want to thank you for being a coach to me, even if I wasn't playing a sport.

I want thank you and mom for being the role models of parents, that I want to be for my kids.

 I want you to also know when you thought I wasn't listening, I heard you. I know no matter what you will always love me, and I want you to know I will always be your baby girl.

Your Daughter

Dedicated to my dad Rex, I love you.

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