Almost Destroyed My Family

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Written By: Felecia Causey
Model: Danielle Skipper
(Danielle Skipper is only a model for this post, she is not the character or affiliated with anyone in the story)

I got married when I was 20 years old. My husband and I have two beautiful kids, after being married for five years.

I work as an administrative assistant for one of the top law firms in the state.

I worked long hours, and my husband, and I hardly had time for each other. We were either working or at the kids' events on the weekend.

My firm hired a new young guy. The first day he laid his eyes on me, I found him attractive. He would come by my desk, and flirt or tell some lame joke, that I would pretend to be funny.

Everyday my life was like rewinding a VHS cassette. I remembered, it all started as an innocent lunch date, and then to trading cellphone numbers. On the days my family had movie nights, spent time outside, or laid in the bed late, I was sneaking around sending this guy texts. Most of the texts were jokes on co-workers or discussing recipes, but even those conversations became old and boring. 

We started talking about his past relationships, and then he would tell me why I made such the perfect wife. I would blush at the compliments.

I remembered my husband begging me to go to church with him, and the kids. My spirit was restless, but I just didn't want to go to church. He finally persuaded me into going.

When I walked into the church, I had an attitude. Every time the choir would sing, I became agitated, until I saw my kids smiling and clapping.

When someone announced that our pastor wasn't going to be doing the service, I became angry with my husband. I immediately whispered to myself "I should of did what my first mind told me".

When the assistant pastor started preaching, I felt like he was talking directly to me. He begin to talk about how "God wasn't a god of confusion. He doesn't want broken homes, and if there is anything or anyone to distract you to break up your home, LET IT GO". I automatically felt guilty and embarrassed. Although I never physically cheated on my husband, but it did cross my mind on numerous occasions. I was emotionally cheating on not just him, but our family.

After, church I cried. I quickly texted the guy and told him I could no longer have friendly conversations in the office or out of the office. I changed my phone number, and took a day off work because my husband was off. The kids were at daycare, and it was time for me to be honest.

When I told him, you would of thought he would be angry, and fuss, but he sat in silence, as I begged him for his forgiveness. He didn't respond or say a word.

We went months without talking, except when it was something concerning the kids.

Two months later, the gentlemen at the firm was fired because of an sexual harassment allegation.

My husband and I have been going to counseling with our pastor. I know trust must be earned back, and it will take time. We have put God first, and back into our relationship. I am glad I have deiced to choose to fight for my marriage. I am glad I didn't allow a few minutes of pleasure to destroy what God had put together.


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