Being A Sexy Mom Doesn't Make Me A Bad Parent

Monday, June 19, 2017


Models: Lapreisha Russ, Jasmine McCurry, Laporsche Hollon, and Donnisia McCall

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photos By: Felecia Causey

Many celebrity moms are constantly being judged on the wardrobe they choose to wear. I'm sure what they wear doesn't prove that their love for their child/children is different from any other mother.

It is said that what women wear gives an insight of what type of person or parent she may be. I personally do not believe that.

As many young mothers wonder, how does her attire not give you the visual of how she struggle to be not just a mom, but the best mother she can be. As many may not agree with her style choices , but can people question her role as a parent.

Many women who are more traditional are very judgmental and are usually the biggest stylist police.

The young mom work very hard to show their kid(s) how much they care. They wash their runny noses, they kiss them goodnight, and they stay up late when they are sick. The clothes doesn't prevent her from performing her motherly duty.

Yes, she may show a little cleavage, wear a two piece bathing suit or even wear a skirt above her knees, but she also knows how to work while going to school, start her own business, and pull every card she needs to give her child/children the best life she can.

She will be judged on how she didn't comb her daughter hair right, how she spoiled her kid(s), and even how she didn't dress her kids in all the top name brands, but never given the recognition of her giving her kids all that she can.

The next time we all may see a young mother,  who may not dress to our expectation, she may just had a bad day, and felt like dressing sexy.   Yes, she is someone's moms, but she is also a human. She may not dress or do it the way the world wants but she is a parent. As many of us know we sometimes may not get it right, but we get it done.

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