Don't Hurt Someone In The Mist of Your Hurt

Friday, June 16, 2017

Written By: Felecia Causey
Models: Desiree Mack & Krishula Edwards
(Desiree Mack and Krishula Edwards are only a models for this post. They are not the characters or affiliated with anyone in the story.)

My best friend and I have known each other since the third grade. We did every thing together. We played sports, doubled dated at proms, and even washed each others tears, when we encountered our first heartbreak.

As we grew older, we were still close, but life and responsibilities took the time we once shared away. We were both blessed to marry very handsome and successful men, and we had our kids just a couple weeks a part. We did set time for us once a month.

When her mother became sick with cancer, as a friend I cooked extra dinner for her and her family. I didn't want her to worry about cooking with her busy schedule. She begin to ignore my phone calls, or she would respond rude texts, when I tried to volunteer to help her.  I assumed she was stressed, so I continued to pray for her and her family.

Two months later her mother died at home, after the doctor told the family there wasn't anything they could do.

I went to visit her at her home, the day before her mom's funeral. She opened the door, and told me she wasn't in the mood, for any visitors. I left with hurt feelings.

I attended her mother's funeral, and took a seat towards the back. I watched my best friend break down in tears, and it tore me apart. I was hurt because she was hurting, and I couldn't be there for her. I wanted to be the shoulder for her to lean on, and wash her tears away.

I went home after the service, I tried contacting her, but there were no answers or call backs.

Three months had past , and my husband informed me that, my best friend and her husband were no longer together. Once again I reached out to be the shoulder, I have always been. She fussed and yelled that I was only calling to be in her business. I told her I love her, and I hung the phone up.

I accepted the fact that the person, I once called my best friend, was angry and hurt. I loved her, and all I wanted to do was comfort her, support her and wash the tears from her face. She had been through some terrible tragedies, but through the mist of her heartaches she hurt me.

The friend

I know life can give you some tough times, but don't be so angry to quickly hurt or push someone that wants to help you away.

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