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Wednesday, July 5, 2017



Is your family overdue for a photo session? I am sure many haven't taken them because they just don't know where to start. I have a confession as a photographer, my family don't do as many photos as I would like.  I decided to write this blog to give you a short guide on how to prepare for a family photo shoot. It may seem like it can become overwhelming, and stressful, but the best thing I can tell you is not to prepare at the last minute.

When you select a photographer, make sure you select someone that you have studied their work. If you like someone else work, but choose another photographer, keep in mind that everybody have different styles.

When you select a date, make sure you choose a date that will provide you with enough time to get everything ready.  It will give you a start of having a smooth session.

If you are trying to select a time of the day to take the photo, I advice you to not pick it, where it will interfere with your kid(s) nap time. If your child/children are sleepy or just waking up, most times they will be very grumpy and irritated.

Location, location... is extremely important for your photo shoot. If you have a spot in mind, be open in discussing it with your photographer, if you choose to not do them indoors. One evening take your family on a drive, and you may just find the perfect hidden spot that is suitable for you.

I think selecting the wardrobe is the biggest challenge most families come across, when it time to update pictures.  When selecting a color scheme for everyone to wear try doing it without being to "matchy" but the perfect color scheme combination. When selecting your wardrobe also make sure everyone is comfortable. You want to make sure everything fits. You don't want to look like you are holding your breathe on your pictures. You will also want to make sure you iron your clothes, because the wrinkles will show up on your photos.

I know many of us moms, don't have the luxury of getting our makeup done, professionally that often, so the investment of hiring someone who does great work, will make you fall in love with your photos even more. Just remember, don't overdue it, and make sure it fits your skin tone.  If you are not comfortable with makeup, and prefer to be natural, that is fine too. 

Ladies your hands will be visible in most photos, so you want to make sure your nail polish isn't chipped because that will not be very appealing on your pictures.

I know we as adults we can become grouchy when we are hungry, so does the little ones. You want to make sure your little one has eaten before your session.

As the men in my life, they dread to take photos. Please be sure you gentlemen, come with a positive and cheerful attitude, because you don't want to one day look back at the photos that you purchased, and you are looking like you were completely miserable and unhappy.

Mom and dad if time permit, be sure to grab you guys a couple of photos together. 


Please trust your photographer.  I know you feel like if you tell your child/children to say cheese, you will accomplish on receiving the smiles that you want so much, on the photos. Step back and allow your photographer to take lead. You will then receive photos with your child's attention towards the camera. 

I know many parents like to use resources such as snacks and toys for comfort during photos, but also know these can be a big distraction. I know many family would like the company of other family members that are not participating in the photo session, but it can sometimes be a distraction not to just you, but your photographer also.

The best advice I can give you to have successful family photo shoot is to be prepared, well rested, and mostly just have fun.

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