My Mom Always Told Us:"Never Allow Anything to Turn You From the Love Of God"

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photos: Feleci Causey
Model: Brionna Mitchell
(Brionna  Mitchell is only a model for this post. She is not the character or affiliated with anyone in the story.)

Growing up I was raised in the church. My mother made sure we went there every Sunday, even if he couldn't get our dad to go with us. My sister who complained every Sunday, would always ask why dad didn't have to go to church, and why she couldn't stay with him. It never worked, and she would still had to go.

When I started college, I never got the chance to go to church, until my junior year. My mother was a "if something bad happen or got hard go to church and pray". I didn't attend every Sunday, but I constantly would go when my schedule at work allowed me.

My senior year of college my mother was in a terrible car accident. The faith this woman had that she would walk out the hospital gave me faith that even though it looked impossible, I knew God would heal his warrior. There was a lady from the church who constantly came and prayed for her. She kept telling my mom and us she would be healed and walk out of the hospital.

A week later my mother died, from complication during surgery, while I was at school. I became very angry, and I didn't want to pray or go to church.

I took some time from school, and I continued to work at my job. A month later I lost my job for slapping my manager when he tried an inappropriate move on me. I knew this was not my normal behavior but I was angry, hurt, and tired.

I moved back home with dad, when I could no longer afford my apartment and bills. He welcomed me with open arms. I got a job at the plant, close to the house. My dad woke up every Sunday trying to get myself and my brother up for church, and every Sunday, we didn't go.

We had a Sunday dinner one day in August, my siblings and dad, all got together. My sister who always complained to our mom about church, confronted us on why we haven't been at church. I could feel the warm tears rolling down my face.  " All our lives we have went to church.  Mama was one of the most praying and faithful person I ever met! She believed that she would recover, from the accident, and would walk out." I remember saying "why would we go to church when we had people telling us what God would do. How can we be protected and loved, when a person like mom couldn't be saved"  The table was quiet as dad left. "I want to read to you all what she wrote in her journal." he said coming back.

Dear God,
I try to be a good mother to my beautiful kids, and I  know I will not always be here. I want them to remember no matter what bad things that happens in their life, you are the way. As a mother I want to shield them from all bad things, but I know as God You will always bring them out.
All four of our faces were wet from tears. We all attended church the next Sunday, not because we felt guilty, but we knew that our mom would had told us numerous of times, "don't ever let anything or anyone turn you from the love of God.


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