The Question Brides Need to Ask Themselves:"Should I Have Bridesmaids

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wriiten  By: Felecia Causey
Photography: Felecia Causey
Models: Carvietta Carroll, Haldriuanna Smiley, Quayy Wright, and Tawandaly Williams

It is becoming more and more popular that brides are opting out on having bridesmaids.

Those brides who choose to not have bridesmaids, have many reasons including wanting to limit the drama and stress through the process of wedding planning. Then, there are some brides that don't want to exclude or hurt anyone feelings.
If you ask many brides one of their biggest regrets was who they chose to stand by them on their special day.  I have heard many horror stories of dealing with the many attitudes, the tardiness, and disappointment of reevaluating the relationship with that person.
The ultimate test of friendship is when you select them as your bridesmaid. I've noticed a trend that most bridesmaids and brides drifts apart. At different points in life, we come upon waves of friends who will come and go.
You may want to include childhood friends, high school friends, future in-laws, and friends of the family, but are these people you want to choose, really part of where you are in life?
I am sure you are saying, I have a great sister or an amazing friend, but I don't want the pressure of making the wrong choice of selecting the wrong person and regretting my decision.
When planning a wedding the pressure of feeling obligated to select people you don't have a relationship with, such as future in-laws are a strain on both the bride and groom.
As every decision with the wedding is totally up to the bride and groom, the ladies
you call your friends, will understand if you chose to not have bridesmaids. If the people you once considered to stand by you become offended and ugly towards you, maybe the decision to not have bridesmaid proved you right.

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