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Sunday, September 3, 2017

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About The Author:
As a modern day Renaissance woman, Dionda Fugitt has worn many hats, but writing has always held the title as her first love. As a young creative, Dionda found comfort in various dance techniques, performing and poetry. As a music fanatic, listening to the lyrics of songs wasn't enough. Dionda filled journals on top of journals with remixes, verses re-writes and verses to instrumentals. 

While on this roller coaster we call motherhood, Dionda turned to what she knew best, writing. Taking mental notes during girl time & conversations, along with memories as a little girl, she wrote over two hundred pages which were then cut down to seven chapters.

As the Author of Adjust Your Crown: The Little Ladies' Secret Handbook, Dionda's goal is to reach as many young ladies as possible through her book as well as mentor programs. With motivational moments, group exercises and Q&A sessions, the goal is to remind young ladies of their awesomeness, their purpose and to help them gain personal success as they go through life's trials & tribulations.

"I created the Bestie Brunch to get the chance to meet my readers face-to-face, talk about the topics of the book as well as get their feedback. I've found that when a little lady can meet the Author face-to-face, it kicks their motivation into overdrive; and that's exactly what I want to do!"

"What happened to talking about self-care, self-worth, and value? Before walking out the door each morning, I want to somehow remind every little lady to look in the mirror and tell herself how SHE IS WORTH IT and how no one else has the same sparkly DNA as she does. This book was written and designed to help recharge our little ladies and help them regain confidence, ambition, passion, and self-awareness. If nurtured, these qualities become great strength which in turn birth empower young ladies, who then become empowered women." (Dionda Fugitt)

Upcoming projects: (I can not release the names just yet, but prefer to ask people to subscribe to my mailing list as the names will be released soon)
  • A series of books for elementary aged children (2017/2018)
  • A women's life enhancement book (2017/2018)

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