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Thursday, September 7, 2017

My name is Lisa Pauley Johnson. I was an educator for almost 30 years until a stroke that affected my vision forced me into retirement. I had no peripheral vision and I could not see faces. I did not see my own face until 18 months after my stroke.  My husband, my children, and several family members and friends never left my side. The stroke was God's way of getting my attention. I saw life from a different perspective by taking control of my health through exercise and healthy eating. I talked about God and His Goodness wherever I traveled. I started to feel better and wrote my first book in seven days. My writing was not perfect so in an effort to let the world see what impaired vision was like, there are no page numbers in this book. It was a book about my illness, my husband and my children. I also wrote about the importance of love and forgiveness. God sent many people in my life during this time and I shared my love and testimony with them. I wanted the world to see how important it was to value life and to have commitment to God.  I had been taught by my parents how to love individuals with disabilities because of my sister who was born with cerebral palsy so I talked about her in the book. I also wrote about the tasks that God had placed before me to honor my mother who had passed away with complications from diabetes. It was my way of promoting  longevity in the lives of people who suffer from diabetes.  My vision has improved but is not perfect which is why my second book will address imperfections.  It will be released in November. It is about the imperfections in our life and how we should address our imperfections whether these imperfections are in adults or children. The tile of this book is Teaching My Stones. Every teacher  must read this book whether you are teaching students, your husband, your wife, children other family members or friends. After reading this book you will learn to judge less and teach more by not casting stones, but by teaching your stones.

Felecia's Review of Walking By Faith: I enjoyed this book a lot.  This one will make you think and embrace life more. Are you some time losing faith on a situation? In this Lisa shares how she didn't give up or lose hope even during her toughest tribulations. After reading this book you will learn that no matter how bad something may seem, don't give up on God, because He will not give up on you.

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