Dear Women:Let Us Stop Tearing Each Other Down

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Written By Felecia Causey
Models: Yolacia Davidson & Sabreya St.George

If we women can break the girl versus girl mentality, there is so much we could do together. Why do so many try to hurt each other, instead of lifting each other up?  Growing up as a young girl the constant competition of "always be better or popular," have caused many of us to carry that into our adulthood.

There have been several times I've been disgusted, how women drag each other on social media. It can be the spread of rumors or the argument over a man.  In a world where war and violence are very common, I don't know anything more encouraging than to pray for the other woman.

Yes, a woman may not use her fist to cause pain, but can inflict emotional pain against each other.

Many women are all dealing with some of the same challenges or same insecurities, that we can't even give the next woman a compliment. I am sure we all have played the inflicted and the inflictor.


Try a different approach and instead of retaliating or adding negativity to a situation, be the better woman, the bigger person, and the lady that set an example. An example? Yes, regardless if you know it or not, some young girl, somewhere is watching you.

You!Yes, you reading this, you're better than that. Put yourself in the other lady shoes that you are having a dispute with. The next time you decide to spread a rumor or post a humiliating photo, remember it could be you or someone who is close to you.

We as women are quick to allow our emotions to dictate our actions. STOP! You must not do something, that you can't take back. Have mercy and passion, as you allow God to lead you every step of the way.

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