Do You Want To Beat This Or Will You Let It Beat You

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Photos By:Felecia Causey

My name is Tammika Jordan, and I'm an eight years breast cancer survivor.  I was 33 years old,
  when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was devastated and I was wondering how can I go from getting a breast reduction, quickly turn into me having breast cancer.  I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was out of town in New York City on vacation with my mom and kids, when I realize as I was drying off, after I took a shower, that my breast was looking bigger than the normal size. I  decided to send my mom a picture, and she replied laughing "they have always been that size." I felt uncomfortable, so she convinced me to go to the doctor when I got back home.  I went to the doctor, and everything came back good. My doctor asked, me did I want to have a breast reduction. I agreed,  so he sent me to see a plastic surgeon.

The procedure was going well until the surgeon had to close me up, when he found a mass. The moment he explained that I had breast cancer, I felt like it was my death sentence.  I burst out the door in tears. The surgeon explained to my mom, that the mammogram, didn't pick it up, because it was close to my chest wall. The doctor told me that I need to see the general surgeon ASAP.

The next day I went to see the surgeon, and he was so polite. He asked, me how old I was and how many kids did I have. I told him, and that is when asked "do you want to beat this or will you let it beat you."

 I decided to put on my boxing gloves, and begin to fight. The doctor informed me that I would
need to have the mass removed immediately.  The surgery was a success, and I had to see a doctor at a local cancer center. I had an awesome team of nurses and doctor there. The doctor explained to me that I would have to go through chemo and radiation treatments. My first round of chemo did me so bad, I ended up in the hospital for 12 days.

I had an amazing support system. The medicine began to make my hair come out. I remember I was in the bathroom, and I looked in the mirror and saw my hair falling out, I begin to burst out crying. My mom and aunt ran to check on me, when they saw what was going on, they started crying and hugging me.  They told me they love me, and that they would cut their hair off, to make me feel me better. I told them no, because they head would be to big bald. One day my boyfriend came over and took me to his barber. I was so ashamed because there was so many people in there that day. He assured me I would be okay.

After, the barber was done, my boyfriend  kissed my bald head and embraced me with hugs.

It takes a lot of support to get through this fight. My mom, my kids, my boyfriend, and friends were my biggest fans. My mom was with me from the beginning to the end. She was there through the discomfort, chemo treatments, and she prayed for me. With God and my God fearing family members I made it.


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