I Wouldn't Trade Him For Anything

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Jordan Roberts is from Tallassee, Alabama.  He was diagnosed at birth with Mosaic Down Syndrome. He's very smart, he stays on the honor roll, and he's very helpful around the house. His favorite thing to do is fold clothes and he's great at it. He's as independent as he can be, but yet learning. I'm very honored to be his mom.

He's very protective of his brother and I. Traylen spends a lot of time with him. Basketball is his favorite sport and his brother shoots ball with him a lot. His brother plays football and Jordan is his biggest fan. Yes, they bump heads at times, but no one else can mess with them.  

Going to church and praying at night is a must. He calls everybody names out in his prayers. He really love his family. I wouldn't trade him for nothing. Being his mom is awesome. I love my Jort Jort. Kids with Down syndrome Rock!!!

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