#Stop the Bullying, We Are All Different

Friday, October 20, 2017

Written By: Felecia Causey

There is a growing problem in our society called bullying. The behavior is often dismissed as an unfortunate part of growing up. Many young kids and even adults have taken their lives because the pain of being tormented, and being embarrassed became to much. We live in a world of technology in which lies and rumors can be spread within minutes.

Every girl wants to be liked and accepted, but unfortunately there will always be a person who dislike themselves, so they will have the need to pull others down.

It's up to parents, teachers, family, and role models to help break the cycle of bullies or people being bullied. As mothers to daughters we need to continue to help them  realize their self-worth, and to look for a positive impact for this world. You need to assure them their isn't anyone perfect, and when growing up, there will always be someone smaller and prettier, but there will only be one of her. As parents, it is up to us, to celebrate our daughters for who they are. We also need to remind them regardless of what someone says it's important that she doesn't allow it to define who she is as a person.

The young ladies below, shared what they thought was on the matter:

"One of the biggest challenges a person can face is being bullied. Bullying not only has a negative effect on a person's emotional and mental health, but a stronger impact on the victim's future. Bullying hurts. Make the change. Stop the downward spiral of bad behavior that effects many."

"Hello my name is Alasha I am six years old...and I'm a girl who gets bullied by my classmates everyday because I have ADHD..I don't consider myself as being mental because of my disorder. I'm very smart I just have a hard time focusing on one thing. I try my best to look over what people say, but it's not easy being picked on everyday I go to school. If there is anyone that's out there being bullied please tell someone."


"You should never bully anyone, because it's not good nor nice. You never know what that person is going through at home or behind closed-doors. You should always treat people the way you want to be treated."


"I'm sorry if you are going through this situation, but it's not okay and it's not cool. You're a wonderful person and don't deserve this. I'm here for you anytime you need a listening ear or someone to talk to."

"You are more than enough. Always remember God love is an unconditional love. His love will never fail you"



"If you are being bullied, tell an adult immediately. Don't be afraid to stand up! Say NO to bullying!"


"I personally think that bullying is unwanted. The behavior is unfair, because no child should be hurt. Bullying gets repeated frequently and should be stopped."

~Nicole -LuLu

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