Being The Man My Family Need Me To Be

Saturday, November 25, 2017

 Written By: Felecia Causey
Models: Joshua and Sophia Iyegha with their two week old daughter
Photos: Felecia Causey

There is something so priceless about seeing a dad's love for his child and his child's mother.

There is nothing more impacting than the love of a father. Having a baby is a life changing event, both physically and emotionally. Many relationships become stronger, after a turning event, as giving birth.

The man love for his child's/children's mother shows as he commits his time and energy towards, his family: The commitment to supply stability, safety, honesty, affection, and appreciation for his wife  and child/children is his goal.

The greatest challenge in life is setting the goal of being the father and man your family needs.

It's natural for a man to want the perfect family, but life's curve ball sometimes finds us, but he works through it.

As the man, he exhibits as the leader for his household against life's challenges for his family, and with God in charge, life becomes an amazing adventure for him and his family.

Fatherhood/manhood can be a struggle, striving to be all things at once: caregiver and breadwinner, even if he grew up without the role model.

 A man that is willing to change, stay positive, and have God in his corner, the lady that holds his arm and the child he holds will have the sense of feeling safe and loved.

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