Raising A Son Who Will Make A Great Husband

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Written By: Felecia Causey
Model: Donnisia McCall and Son

In a culture where disrespecting women seems to be accepted and even embraced, but as mothers we want our sons to be respectful and value all people regardless if they are male or female.

The terms "mama's boy" comes to mind, when we as mothers spend as much attention as we can to our son/sons.

One day if it's the Lord's will our sons will become a husband, so we are constantly actively engage in training our sons to be independent.

When our sons find the woman God has for him, we want her to be thankful , and as a mother, that  you have raised the man of her dreams. She will appreciate how you have instilled in him how to love, and respect her.

As you hold his tiny hands into your very own and hug his small body, and show him unconditional love, so that one day the woman he choose to spend his life with, will receive what you have given him.

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