Who Is The Woman Behind The Titles

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photo By:Felecia Causey
Models: Shamerial Love and daughters Kennedee Cobb and Zarriah Hinson

As most women who are married, in a relationship or have kids we sometimes get caught in everyday routines, and taking care of responsibilities. I'm sure life is like rewinding a VHS tape. You one day realize how much time has gone by. You continuously said you would do this and do that, and then you realize weeks, months, and years have passed.

It has hit you "who are you." You have a blessed life but a routine that you, yourself have created. When viewing the lives of some of your social media friends or followers of the story they create , you ask how do they have the time. They seem to have it together, and know exactly who they are. You look in the mirror, you look like you, but you look again, who is the person behind the face and makeup. Who are you besides the mother, wife, daughter, sister, student and business owner? Many women who are reading this may ask, what else is there.

There is freedom of not being tied down to just what you are.  The feeling of being free to be the person who is behind the titles or put away because of life responsibilities. Are you strange?  Is your life a puzzle with small pieces, but you are ready to find out who you are. You must find who is this mother or wife really is.

The beautiful masterpiece and diamond God has made. I encourage you as I encouraged myself to step and find the hidden gem inside of you. One of my favorite quotes my First Lady likes to quote, "where God guides, God will provide

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