My Hair Doesn't Define Me As A Woman

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography: Felecia Causey
Model: Shayla Jackson

The weave hair business has become a 9 billion dollars industry.

Women desire to look their best, and they will spend,however much they need to do so.

In many people opinions, women with long hair is considered to be more beautiful.

Aren't women with short hair or shaved heads beautiful too? Can they not be free to express themselves?

Most of society has laid a very clear rulebook, on what beauty looks like.

Long hair has been perceived as the main highpoint of women's sex appeal. 

Girls have been force fed of what a woman should look like. They only know what the media feed them of what beauty really is.

Shaving or cutting your hair doesn't make you less beautiful or even less of a woman. It doesn't define who you are. It's about your own self worth, attitude, and confidence. Your hair can't give or take away your intelligence, kindness, fight, and determination. Hair is an incentive bonus, it doesn't take away who you are as a person, and definitely who you are as a woman.

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