Be The Best Parent Before Trying to Be The Best Friend

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Written By:Felecia Causey
Photography By: Felecia Causey
Models: Shalanda Jones and her daughter Amari Jones,
Meeshia Hurst and her daughter Shaniah Hurst

As women, we know female friendships are complicated at all ages. As mothers we play both the nurturer, and disciplinary, amongst many other things.

This generation of mothers and daughters, have a more sisterly bond. I believe there is nothing wrong with being a friend to your child. I do believe it's very important that you find a balance in being the parent and friend.


Unfortunately, many young girls don't have the luxury of a healthy relationship or no bond at all with their mothers.

Meeshia and Shaniah

When I was a young woman, growing up, I thought my mother was strict and unfair. I can now say that she had good intentions and she is now my best friend.

As I am a mother to my daughter, I now,  realize my mom gave me the main things I needed: love and discipline. I want to model,  good decision-making, to be sure her and my son are safe, and have stability.

Mothers want to be that person, that her daughter will want to come to for advice and comfort.

Shalanda & Amari

There are several mothers that choose to be more of a friend than taking the role of a parent. 

I have met many single mothers that would sometimes lean on their child because of loneliness. They use their kids as a surrogate for a friend or even a significant other.

It's important to know, you don't want to forget the proper role as the leader. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a great relationship with her, but be the best parent before trying to be the best friend.  She will love you and still think you are awesome one day, even if it's not now.

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