Does The Size and Price of a Ring Really Matters?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Written By:Felecia Causey
Photography: Felecia Causey
Models: Kareem and Lamesa Howard

It was such a huge controversy on social media about the price of a ring from a well known jewelry store. Women were making videos and debating if they would accept a proposal or be married to a man that couldn't give them an expensive ring. The ideal engagement to most people is a high-priced jewel.  Yes, when it comes to ring trends retailers, the bridal industry, and celebrities, huge and expensive is the way to go. We must stop and ask ourselves, will a materialistic thing,  buy "true" love and save a marriage/relationship?

Many of us that are married, I am sure wasn't able to purchase a huge diamond in the beginning. You chose what you could afford, to be used  for a symbolic object for the ceremony, and was not pressured to impress family and peers.

On earlier this year I asked my Facebook followers to give me their opinions. I had several women that agreed, the price and size of the ring should coincide with a man's salary. I then had a few ladies who felt that the size of the diamond measured a man's devotion to her. In the discussion, I had other ladies that didn't want their soon to be husband to get into debt. They also added, that the ring "must" cost more than the shoes and clothes that he wore.

The price or how many carats a ring is doesn't mean anything explicit about a guy's heart or commitment.  Love can not be measured on the amount of money spent, but how much dedication there is between two people.

Will the ring help a couple through rough times? Will it keep the other from being dishonest or cheating? The main focus is the quality of the relationship.

I found that many women care so much about others opinions. Social media's trolls are quick to judge a person's engagement ring, if it doesn't proceed their expectations. The main commentators under the photos, are people who are single, and with no prospect of being married.

If you need a price tag for someone to prove their love, then it's not your lack of bling that's the problem.

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