Gun Violence Affects Many People

Monday, February 12, 2018

Written By Felecia Causey
Photography: Felecia Causey
Featuring: LaShundra Maldon and her daughter Michaela

LaShundra and her daughter are part of the thousands who have been affected by gun violence. As I have featured several mothers who have lost a child to this, they shared how the grief and pain seemed unbearable. 

The consequences of this heinous ordeal, has impacted communities and families. There are so many families bearing the burden of spending the holidays without their love ones, because of this horrible painful experience.

It's time to end the violence, because the gruesome results have shattered many that are left behind. The long-term emotional impact can be severe. It has become an issue that has extended beyond our nation. Many are praying and prayed for this epidemic to stop. Parents, spouses, and children don't ever get over the loss, and they try to keep the memories of the person alive.

As we all strive to change the world for the best, be a voice to stop young people from wanting to pick up a gun. We all need to remember every action doesn't needs a reaction. The next time you become angry, take the time to breathe and think.   IF you take a person's life, you can't EVER bring them back. You will not be able to give the mother her child or a child his/her parent back.

Gun violence doesn't affect just one person, but it hurts many. 

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