Teaching Our Girls Self Love and Love For One Another

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography By: Felecia Causey
Models: Harmonee Parks, Kamora Benett, Aaliyah People, Jada People, Jamil Young, and Jamaya Young

On last year, I was hit with a young child, that my family had known, that committed suicide. It hurt my son a lot. It left him with many questions and confusion. It was difficult to explain to a 10 year old, on why this happened. It was something we saw on TV, in magazines, or on social media, but I never thought it would affect someone we knew personally.

As I attended my daughter's basketball games last year,  I watched as some of the girls just seemed so angry. The worst part was some of the parents boosted this behavior.  I understood this was a competitive sport, but I was curious, where was the sportsmanship.

The world is cruel enough, and as adults, we have to teach these young women to love themselves and each other. We have to tell them, there isn't anyone that is the same or perfect.

Most of them, only know what they are taught, "to beat the other girl out." We need to instill respect and the encouraging others.

Your daughter(s) need to know she may meet a girl that may have eczema, different color skin tones, a scar on her face, a different texture of hair, or a different living arrangements, but what she needs to understand, she has feelings just like hers.

Social media is the platform, were most young girls are victimize or victimizers, so as a parent, there is nothing wrong with being the social media's police. You shouldn't want to be the mother or the father that promotes hate or violence. There is no reason , that we shouldn't step in to be the mediator or the referee. In the situation if your daughter becomes the bully, put the friend card away, and be the parent/adult.

Every young girl isn’t built tough, and it is really sad to see a parent share, how their child is getting picked on or bullied at school. It is never to early to teach your daughter compassion for others. The world have enough cruel people, lets encourage them to be better.

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